Counseling at IMFS

The Art of Counseling
The process of admission can be a challenge for students, as indeed for parents. At IMFS, we have broken this down into several stages and have thus reduced the students’ stress levels. The student meets with his/her counselor and understands the program, the necessary documents needed for admission and is then guided through drafting the most optimal Recommendation Letters and a strong Statement of Purpose. Each document is scrutinized and only the best results pass muster. Apart from conducting several seminars and talks on finances, IMFS invites the parents of students to meet with the counselor for one-on-one meetings to understand how much money shall be debited from their accounts over the next few years. More importantly, they will also be guided about the career options their wards shall enjoy and the average salaries that the students will earn over the next 10 years and thus reach an absolute understanding of their financial obligations. Even as we ensure that the students gain admission to the best possible university, we endeavor to maintain contact with them over the years encouraging them to excel in their new homes and become ideal citizens of the world.
Know our process

Our Process

Shortlisting and Selecting Universities

Acing the competitive exam is just the first step. You need to know which school is good for you! This is the decision of a lifetime, and needs expertise and experience! We will provide you not only with the names of universities, but will also share data pertaining to departmental specialties, research being conducted, faculty et al. Our comprehensive docket will even include information about the weather of the area where the university is located!

LOR / SOP drafting

Admissions officers look for certain details in these documents: We know the ‘buzz words’ that will make a positive impression for you, and thus we work with and assist you in drafting these documents to ensure that your final draft sees you through the arduous admissions process.

Preparing your Application Packet

There are a thousand documents that go in this packet! We will ensure that you do not miss any document and miss the boat (or shall we say the plane)!

Finance Consultations

How much money to show, in which form - We will guide you all the way. IMFS has tied up with various banking companies to help you in this process.

VISA Counseling

200 seconds of anxiety and stress! Our Mock Interviews will train you to answer the tricky questions properly! We will also help you prepare the file for the interview.

Culture Training

Are you ready to handle America? A unique workshop, called ‘US Readiness 101” makes you ready to handle the culture shock awaiting you! IMFS is the only institute offering a free training like this in India!


Farewell Dinner and Orientation. A time of relaxation. The worries of the admission behind you, let’s now focus on the challenges that lie ahead.