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GRE Counseling Near Me in Mumbai

GRE Counseling Near Me in Mumbai

Shivam was very good in his studies right from his childhood. Shivam passed his 10+2 with very good grades and then took admission in a college to complete his graduation. His father was not so well to do that he could affords his further education. So, after completing his graduation, he started working for dominos as an assistant manager. He wanted to continue his studies by doing masters in psychology but he could not be funded any longer from his home.

After working for 2 years for dominos, Shivam decided to start his GRE preparations side by side which could help him pursue his masters degree abroad. But GRE was a very new line for him about which he was having very few knowledge. So, he started asking everyone if there is any centre for GRE counselling near me in mumbai. Shivam’s cousin Arsh who returned from US the previous week after completing his masters and getting a good quality placement shared his experience with Shivam. He told Shivam that he was in the same dilemma two years back. After enquiring from lots of people and browsing many online websites, he decided to visit IMFS office Bangalore. They were having very good record of making many children clear competitive exams like GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT with very good scores at that time. When Arsh visited their office, he immediately took admission into their interactive GRE course. After three months, when he gave his GRE exam, he scored 320/340 marks and got admission into a very good college in US and earned a scholarship also. Arsh also told Shivam that he is now soon going to apply for the PR in US. All thanks to IMFS, the best GRE counseling near me in mumbai
, Arsh said. Arsh recommended Shivam to visit their office as soon as possible.


Without wasting any more time, Shivam logged into their website www.imfs.co.in and filled out their form. He went to IMFS Bangalore and took admission into the same course which his cousin did two years ago. Now the time has come when he has to show his caliber in the GRE exam. When the results came, Shivam topped in the city by scoring 330/340 marks. His parents were very happy on their son’s achievement. Completing all his documentation, with the help of counselling given by IMFS, Shivam took admission into the best university of US with 80% scholarship. After two years of study, Shivam got his masters degree and hence became a postgraduate. Soon, Shivam got his first job and started working as a CEO of a multinational company. Now, he is living very happily in US with his family as a citizen of the country. All thanks to IMFS for making his life successful.

So, if you have a desire to continue your studies abroad & want to become a successful person, visit www.imfs.co.in or contact at the following numbers:

Contact No.: +91 22 24320102, +91 22 24320104

E-mail: info@imfs.co.in

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