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GRE Overseas Education Consultant in Mumbai

GRE Overseas Education Consultant in Mumbai


With the passing decades, what one gets to witness is growth and development in many fields. The perspective of people enlarge and they think broadly. And this is this mindset that makes or breaks trends. One of such trends that can be seen in the youth today is studying abroad for post graduation courses. It’s a good move, definitely! The student gets to study the curriculum of two countries- graduation in India and post graduation abroad. Both the curriculum have their strong fronts and weak fronts and henceforth, the student can make the most out of both of them. As much a trend that studying abroad has become, misleading and fooling people in the name of these programs has also become a trend in itself. So it becomes even more important to choose the right coaching institute or consultant that guides you in the correct way.

IMFS is a leading and well-established name in the field of providing GRE overseas education consultant in Mumbai. Established in 1997, IMFS has expertise in coaching students for a wide range of examinations like SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc, all of which are focused for studying abroad. With its resilient and experienced staff, IMFS has so far been able to successfully provide a student alumni of over 48,000 students all over the globe. At IMFS, one is trained over a period of 6 months, which includes providing the students an understanding of the test they’ll be attempting and strengthening the basics so that the students can be taken to the next level.  A good no. of mock tests are also conducted to make the students familiar with the test pattern and time window within which they’ll have to attempt the test. Apart from preparing the students for the test part, IMFS also works at shaping their personalities so that they can present themselves and their viewpoints very well on an international platform.

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Adding on to the glorious journey of IMFS, the GRE overseas education consultant in Mumbai has been awarded as the Best Overseas Education Consultancy. What makes counseling at IMFS different from other institutes is the fact that it is done in several stages, which not only provides efficiency at their part but also reduces the stress at the student’s part. Firstly, the needs of the students are understood to shortlist the institutions that would meet the student’s requirements. The students are also guided through the process of framing Recommendation Letters and Statement of Purpose. Apart from this, one-on-one meetings are held with the students as well as their parents to brush off their doubts and also to brief them on the monetary aspects of the program. The result of efforts like these is that 8 students of the institute scored a full score in the GRE examination so far.

IMFS provides GRE overseas education consultant in Mumbai by various branches in Broivali, Dadar, Thane and Vashi. Actions definitely speak louder than words and that can be seen in the fruitful results of the faculty of IMFS. So, if you’re planning to go abroad for study programs, IMFS is the best choice for you. It has offices in Mumbai (as described above), Manipal, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad. For any queries, feel free to give them a call at +91-2224320102/04 or you can even mail your queries at info@imfs.co.in.

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