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GRE coaching in Pune, best Foreign Education Counsellors

GRE coaching in Pune, best Foreign Education Counsellors

Although the percentage of students applying to US colleges has seen an upward trend, the approval rate of Indian students in Ivy League universities has been comparatively low. Harvard accepted just 3 per cent, while, in Columbia, the reception rate was just 4 per cent. This highlights the fact you need to meticulously plan the application process to secure admittance into the top US universities.

  1. Glance the class profile featured in the university’s portal and identify the average GRE/GMAT/SAT score required for admission.
  2. The scores are not at all times the deciding factor but they place your profile among the strongest candidates list when admission officers assess applications.
  3. Having a high CGPA is very significant but this again is not a deciding factor.
  4. Colleges are faced with the hesitation of whether the admitted student will finally enroll, hence a validated interest in the form of a visit to the college campus, an interaction with the admission officer will be very beneficial. Take a tour, ask questions and if there is a sign in sheet enter your name. This provides an edge over other applicants.
  5. Early application carries a greater rate of admission which is backed by a survey that highlighted, Harvard admitted 21 per cent of applicants in the early round while the total rate of admission was 5.9 per cent. This clearly validates Harvard admitted just 3 per cent from the regular admission pool. Nevertheless, a point to note is early admission decision is binding. It inhibits the student from making an alternative choice.
  6. Communication with professors of the university and with current students or alumni provides a distinct advantage as it illustrates the deep interest in joining the college. From time to time the admission officer arranges an interview with the current students. Don’t forget to mention this info in the essay.
  7. To create a successful essay one needs to turn multiple ideas before finalizing one and then create a summary. IMFS, being the best Foreign Education Counsellors in India, shall guide you throughout the process.
  8. It is vital to address the essays swift in a comprehensive way. It is significant to make a personalized journey highlighting varied involvements and its impact.
  9. Most Ivy League schools want the applicants to showcase their understanding and involvement with communities, or demonstrate a deep passion for their hobby in the essays.
  10. The groundwork for the application process must be scheduled in advance. The competition for admissions to Ivy League colleges is violent hence it is imperative that one plans extracurricular and community service activities well beforehand.
  11. It is vital to understand and demonstrate how and why applying to the course supports with the career aspirations. The university needs to be persuaded that the course being applied will help bond the gap between what one is and where he/she aspires to be.
  12. The current prep should be aligned with the program being applied for. If not aligned one should put forward a substantial explanation to indicate the change. For MBAs aspirants, the professional background is important and it is vital to showcase professional events and achievements.
  13. Certain excellent criteria always work in one’s favor. It may be fluency in multiple foreign languages, representing a strong commitment to a cause, or entrepreneurship opportunities.
  14. If you are looking forward to a good GRE score it is important for you to join the GRE coaching in Pune provided by IMFS, which is how you can get a really high score.
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