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GRE Counseling near me, GMAT classes in Pune

GRE Counseling near me, GMAT classes in Pune


Being a resident of Pune, I know beforehand that Pune has a plethora of opportunities and choices in every field. That makes it good as well complicated at the time. With so many options or choices available for one particular thing or amenity, it becomes difficult for one to make a choice. Add on to that the marketing scenario that people use nowadays to flaunt their services and lure customers. But many a time, that ends in the customer getting fooled. Henceforth, I faced a big dilemma when I started looking for the GRE counseling near me.

I wanted to start my preparation on time so that I don’t have to face a time gap between my graduation and post graduation. That required a correct and honest counseling and a timely, disciplined approach. When I asked people around me about the best GRE counseling near me, all I got was a good number of names. And searching for all of them would have been a mere wastage of time. So, I thought to go for the one that was referred to by most of the people I had asked- IMFS. A background check of the institution impressed me. Established in 1997, IMFS is one the premier institutions of the country that provide coaching and counseling for various examinations like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT etc. Most of these exams are aimed at providing the students with study programs in foreign countries. So far, the institute has given the world an alumnus of about 48,000 students- A Huge Number!!

Coming to the main part i.e. GRE Counseling. The way IMFS treats a student and his/her aspirations are what has led to it establishing a name for itself. They first asked about the colleges I aspired for and then told me the score I need to get in the examination so as to avail myself in that college. Not only that, I was given a methodological approach to set my targets on a daily basis and achieve them. And that’s where I thought that I’ve made the right decision. I was counseled not only for the point of view of the examination but also from point of view of the life that I’ll be living there. All the expenses and opportunities were explained in an elaborate manner and immense help and guidance were provided in filing the Visa application too.

Apart from the GRE, IMFS has a forte in providing with the best GMAT classes in Pune. The classes are a wonderful blend of counseling and coaching that not only makes a student score well in the examination but also shapes his/her personality so as to present himself/herself on the international platform. 21 years of excellent experience says it all. IMFS has also been awarded as the Best Overseas Education Consultancy and 8 of its students achieved a perfect score in GRE. What else does one want as an assurance that you’re investing your time, money and energy at the correct place? So, for all those who want to enroll themselves in the various study programs abroad, IMFS is the best choice for you. For any queries, you can call them at +91-2224320102/04 or you can email them at www.imfs.co.in.


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