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GRE Coaching in Mumbai, Best Universities to study abroad

GRE Coaching in Mumbai, Best Universities to study abroad

Are you looking for some help in order to get your dream of continuing your studies abroad fulfilled? End your search and just visit www.imfs.co.in in order to get the address of your nearest IMFS centre. IMFS counsellors will help you get the best counselling regarding what all you need to do in order to get admission into the best universities abroad.

Sarthak, a member of a Mumbai based middle class family, was very good in his studies right from his childhood. Right from standard 1, he managed to maintain 1st position in every class. Taking into consideration his good academic performance, his school waived off his entire fees and entitled him with 100% scholarship. This all made him complete his school education without any difficulty. Now the time has come when he has to choose for a college. Sarthak had a dream of continuing his further studies in one of the best universities abroad but his father being a small shopkeeper was not at all able to pay such high fees of a foreign university. He was very worried about the condition. While searching on the net, he got to know about IMFS, the best GRE Coaching in Mumbai who have managed to make a large number of students getting their dreams of continuing their studies abroad fulfilled. Without wasting any more time, he decided to visit his nearest IMFS branch in order to get knowledge about what all he need to do in order to get into one of the best universities abroad.

When he visited the IMFS centre, the counsellor after listening to his problem advised him to enrol for their GRE course which could help him to get admission into the best universities abroad and that too with a handsome scholarship. Getting to know about that he can continue his studies abroad with a scholarship, he immediately decided to enrol for their GRE course.

When he came for his first GRE class, he founded the course to be so interactive and helpful that he was so sure to crack GRE with very good marks. It was all because of his 3 months’ hard work and the innovative coaching provided by IMFS that he managed to score 330 marks out of 340. He got offer letters from the best universities in US that too with 90% scholarship. After deciding the best among the best, he started completing his documentation work which was all needed for a a person who was going abroad. IMFS after providing such a good quality coaching also helped his completing with his documentation work. After his visa came, he took a flight to US and reported at his university.

After 3 years when he completed his degree, he got campus placement in a multi-national company right there in US. Now, he is working as the CEO of the company earning a very handsome amount of package.

He is now living very happily with his family in US. All thanks to IMFS which helped him become such a successful person.

So, if you are looking for best universities to study abroad and wants to become a successful person, just log in to www.imfs.co.in and visit your nearest IMFS branch now!

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