The story of growth at IMFS!

We started in 1997 with a team of 4 members, operating out of a garage in Dadar, Mumbai. Today, in addition to having offices in 4 states, we have a team of over 50. Each year we grow with our vision of giving wings to our students' dreams. At IMFS, we believe in an inclusive and engaging work environment. As an organization, our team members inspire young minds to excel and reach for the stars, even as they take advantage of the close-knit ties with fellow IMFS team members. As our founders say, we all are not colleagues but family members!

Learn and Grow

As a team, we are continuously growing and making our family more vibrant and dynamic. We are looking for compassionate, enthusiastic candidates who can sail oceans of creative challenges to achieve assigned tasks. Our directors understand the actual cost of leadership, and hence we encourage our team members to grow and take on multiple roles within the company.

Skills we need

We want you to join us in our mission to help the youth of India build their careers. In this regard, we want you to join hands with us, especially if you are a faculty for Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning. We also have openings for branch managers, counsellors, social media experts, resezrchers and myriad other positions. If you are patient, have strong communication skills, have the heart to take on challenges, and stay positive, you will be a perfect addition to our family!

Current Openings

Please send us an email at and mention the profile you are looking for in the subject line.

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