“Many give advice, but only a few offer guidance.”

It gives us immeasurable pleasure to welcome you to the world of IMFS.

Having embarked on a journey that will take you beyond the shores of our motherland, you are in the safe hands of our highly experienced and motivated team at IMFS. Your every query shall find a prompt, cheerful and satisfying resolution. We endeavor to provide you with personalized counseling and promise that we shall make the entire process a pleasurable one. If you want to study abroad, we shall make it happen! The process of admission can be an overwhelming process for students, as indeed for parents. We believe that the right direction is much more important than speed when working towards one’s goals, and we’re committed to providing this to all deserving students.

Step 1: We are all ears

The student meets with their counselor and is encouraged to discuss their educational goals, interests, skill sets, and preferred lifestyle location. Based on this, we will suggest a few university options and give you a heads up on the entire process: all the courses, career paths, available scholarships, financial obligations, and all the necessary documents needed as an international student.

Step 2: Swiping right and left on universities

Our team of experts will provide you with ample options for universities based on your profile and ambitions. We dive into details to find the universities that offer courses aligned with your career path and chosen country and city. We also ensure that you meet the entry requirements and give guidance about visa requirements. In short, we give you a thorough report of universities, from their names and departmental specialties to minute details like the weather in the area where the university is located.

Step 3: Drafting the perfect SOP/LOR

Admissions officers look for specific details in the SOP and LORs: But guess what? We know all the “buzzwords”! We will assist you in drafting these documents. To ensure that your final draft sees you through the arduous admissions process, we consider your entire academic journey. We then filter out and present the best version of you in your SOP.

Step 4: Preparing your “Application Packet”

There are a thousand documents that go in this packet! We will ensure that all are in place and there are no logistical errors in the application process.

Step 5: Finance Consultation

  • IMFS invites parents of students for one-on-one meetings with the counselor to understand
    • How much money shall be debited from their accounts over the next few years,
    • The career options for their wards, and
    • The average salaries that the students will earn over the next few years
  • We weigh in other expenses such as accommodation, food, health coverage, communication, and travel, so you truly get an idea of financial obligations.

Step 6: The Visa Prep

  • We agree the process of a visa can be daunting for a regular citizen. But we’ve got your back. The IMFS team simplifies the process for you in just three steps:
    • o We ask you questions about your education, skills, and goals to establish your best chance of eligibility.
    • o We begin the application process right away after we’ve worked out your situation and carefully check your application before submitting it, with a follow-up to ensure zero room for errors.
    • o We strengthen your case. Border protection laws vary depending on your nationality and even world circumstances, but we are always up to date on all changes. So, we use our extensive experience to guide you so that you are well-positioned for visa compliance.

    Our multiple mock visa interviews will ensure that you can confidently answer all tricky questions and sail through the process.

Step 7: Getting culture-ready

Going to a new country seems fun and adventurous, but it can also be quite challenging. After all, each country has different cultures, rules, and regulations that students need to adjust to. We conduct a unique workshop called ‘Study Abroad Readiness 101’ that prepares you to handle the culture shock awaiting you. IMFS is the only institute offering free training like this in India!

Step 8: Bye-Bye

  • Farewell dinner and orientation. A time of relaxation. With the worries of the admission process behind you, let’s now focus on the journey ahead. A one-day training workshop that gets you ready for the arduous journey ahead!
    • You get to enhance your communication skills and familiarize yourself with American jargon/slang.
    • Get a few informational insights about your body language and how to improve the same.
    • Email and phone etiquette will come in handy along with resume and profile building
    • A much-underrated aspect of what to carry abroad will be tackled in a detailed manner.
    • Get to know in-depth about the dos and don’ts at the airport and much more!

Step 9: Stay in touch, will you?

Even as we ensure that the students gain admission to the best possible university, we endeavor to maintain contact with them over the years - encouraging them to excel in their new homes and become ideal citizens of the world.

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