Foreign Exchange

Different currencies are a part of our diverse world, and you must go through the arduous process of exchanging relevant currency before or after an international trip. With IMFS and Remitx, this process isn’t arduous anymore.

Be it any currency; it is made available to you without hassles. The money is meticulously verified by expert cashiers who possess various tools so that the originality of the currency remains consistent. We at IMFS ensure that the foreign exchange is smooth.

  • Our foreign exchange partner Remitx is one of the most trusted quality-driven partners. Remitx offers various products such as:
    • 1 Foreign currency notes
    • 2 Foreign currency prepaid cards
    • 3 Demand draft
    • 4 Sending money abroad was never so easy!
  • Consider your foreign exchange matters sorted with the help of IMFS and Remitx!

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