The Graduate Management Admission Test is a Computer Adaptive Test and includes Verbal, Quantitative, Reasoning, and Analytical Writing questions. Data sufficiency and trouble-solving questions are interspersed through the quantitative section. The verbal section incorporates sentence correction, studying comprehension, and crucial reasoning questions.

Topics Questions Timings
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions 30 minutes
Analytical Writing 1 Argument Essay 30 minutes
Optional Rest Break 5 minutes
Quantitative Section 37 Questions 75 minutes
Optional Rest Break 5 minutes
Verbal Section 41 Questions 75 minutes

GMAT Score Breakdown

● You may receive five ratings for the GMAT:

● Standard scaled score - Ranging from 200 to 800;

● Math sub rating - Ranging from 0 to 60;

● Verbal sub score - Ranging from 0 to 60;

● Analytical Writing assessment - Starting from 0 to 6;

● Rating for the I.R. section- Starting from 1 to 8.

To ensure optimal performance, IMFS students must go through a minimum of 20 tests and 15 tests on the laptop on the premises of IMFS. Further, we also strongly recommend that students use our well-stocked and updated libraries to solve at least 20 more tests. All of this effort is the key to obtaining your desired GMAT score!

GMAT Course Content

The course content is exhaustive and is a cornucopia of preparatory material for all sections of the GMAT. The material also comprises simulated test papers for different sections and ten full-length Simulated GMAT Tests.


The Graduate Management Admission Test takes three hours and 30 minutes to complete. It is a test designed for potential business school applicants and is attempted by approximately 250,000 students yearly. It is priced at $250, payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT® via a bank draft. The fee can also be paid via an International Credit Card by calling (0120) 4397830 or online.

Please note that your passport is required to prove your identity for the GRE/ GMAT/ TOEFL/ SAT/ IELTS/ PTE examinations.


You may take the GMAT up to five instances each 12 months. You cannot take the GMAT more than once in sixteen days or more than eight times in one’s lifetime.

You may reschedule or cancel the GMAT less than 24 hours before your exam appointment. You may reschedule by way of logging into your non-public GMAT account; however, there’s a fee that you will pay. If you reschedule your exam more than seven days earlier than your appointment, it’ll cost you $50; if you reschedule within seven days of your GMAT appointment, there’s a $250 fee.

The GMAT takes approximately 3.5 hours to finish (with breaks).

The analytical writing evaluation - 30 mins

Reasoning section - 30 mins

Quantitative section - 62 minutes

Verbal segment - 65 mins

There are two optional eight-minute breaks during the exam.

Yes, candidates have access to an on-screen calculator with essential functions during the integrated reasoning section.

Candidates can register for the GMAT at (the official GMAT website). After creating an account, you can select your testing date, time, and location by clicking on “Register for the GMAT” on the main page under “The GMAT Exam.”

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