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Plenty of college students choose to study overseas. An international experience brings college students the possibility to make friends from one-of-a-kind cultures, journey overseas, be part of an internship, develop expert connections, and engage themselves in a brand new society, all even as obtaining outstanding schooling. That’s why college students are becoming a member of hordes to take their capabilities and training overseas.

But many students assume that analyzing abroad is too pricey to dream about. Lots of universities, colleges, and other establishments set to lease a wide variety of students overseas to increase their student body and domesticate their cultural reports. That’s why they expand scholarships, especially for global students who in any other case may not have it inside their monetary way.

Most scholarships cover your primary fee of analysis. It includes lessons and student fees, e-book expenses, and different college-associated payments. Every so often, scholarships also cowl your residing costs, like the charge for food and accommodations.

2. Scholarship, Grants or Student Loans?

Students often mislead the terms scholarships, student loans, and grants. Or use them interchangeably. All of them serve the same purpose, to help students financially, yet each one has its eligibility requirements and guidelines. Let’s understand the difference between scholarships, grants, and student loans and know why scholarships are better than others.

The key difference between scholarships, grants and student loans:

Grants - Need-based, and most likely go to youngsters who can't afford the study costs.

Student loans - A type of financial help that students can apply for at financial institutions which they have to pay back.

Scholarships - Allocated based on academic merit, statistics, or creative abilities.

3. Are you eligible for a Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Any person who fulfils the application necessities can practice for a scholarship. Indeed, it’s a clear answer, however, one-of-a-kind scholarships aim at distinct students. Maintain a watch on scholarships you meet the requirements. Check if the colleges update the scholarship utility time limits and whether or not the countrywide or worldwide students can apply for it.

  • Some of the most common scholarship application requirements include
    • Registration form for scholarships
    • Personal Essay to support the application
    • Recommendation Letter
    • Academic Transcripts / Athletic Accomplishment

4. Different Types of Abroad Studies Scholarships

There are numerous varieties of scholarships to be had for each scholar with specific capabilities. The primary six are:

Merit-Based For the students who have an academic record or extraordinary achievements in sports or any other service to the community.
Student-Specific Students who meet the requirements based on gender, family, religion, and medical history can go for such scholarships.
destination-specific A handful of public authorities, governments or institutions offer bursaries (monetary awards) and funds to students from a specific country.
Subject-Specific Some universities and institutions reward students who intend to pursue a career in a specific field of study.
Need-Based Focused on students dealing with financial problems. These scholarships require your parent’s financial background. You may have to submit certain documents like family income, tax statements, employment proofs, etc.
Sports-Based Offered to first-class athletes. These scholarships are a call to contribute to your community with rigid training and present your university at events while taking care of your education.

With such a lot of alternatives, it may be a little complicated to determine which study abroad studies scholarship to head for. That’s why we prepared the listing of scholarships furnished to Indian students eager to examine abroad.

5. List of Scholarships offered Abroad

  • 1. Tata Scholarship - Cornell University, USA

    Tata Education and Development Trust offers this scholarship in partnership with Cornell University to support around 20 scholars from India. The trust grants the scholarship annually and selected students will get the scholarship throughout their undergraduate period at Cornell University.


    The student must be an Indian resident who has completed secondary school in India and be qualified for a need-based scholarship.

  • 2. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship - UK

    Commonwealth Scholarships Commission offers this abroad studies scholarship to Indian students with education in English medium. It approximately covers Rs 31,60,764 which includes tuition fees, living expenditures, and economy class return plane tickets.


    At least 60% marks in Social Sciences and Humanities or a minimum of 65% marks in the Science, Technology, Agriculture and Engineering field.

  • 3. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award - British Columbia University, Canada

    This scholarship is open to international students looking for undergraduate programs from British Columbia University, Canada. It covers tuition fees, living expenses and other financial costs.


    One has to meet the requirements of the scholarship. The English language is a must. And students should also submit all the need-based documents.

  • 4. Australia Awards Scholarship

    It’s a fully paid scholarship, covering tuition expenses, living costs, accommodation bills, return air tickets, and much more.


    It is open only for undergraduate, recently graduated, and postgraduate candidates belonging to particular Indian universities.

  • 5. Australian Embassy Fully Funded Scholarships

    This scholarship is available for applicants of Undergraduate, master's, PhD and MBA courses at specific Australian universities.


    Any student who has attained a minimum of 50% marks in the qualifying degree can apply for this.

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  • Sure. There are numerous options as stipulated in this text on a way to look overseas. Usually, however, you could do any of these;
    • Apply for a scholarship
    • Apply for a scholar loan
    • Apply for Grants
    • Pass for low-budget packages

There are plenty of options available for students to provide financial aid such as scholarships or grants, or employment opportunities a university offers you to help you pay for your studies with them.

Either you can check all the criteria, and forms necessary for applying for a scholarship or you can contact us. Our team at IMFS will guide you through the process and handle all the daunting paperwork.

Different universities set different requirements for scholarships. Any candidate who fulfils the application requirements can apply for a scholarship

There are numerous varieties of scholarships to be had for each scholar with specific capabilities. The primary six are

  • 1.Merit-Based,
  • 2.Student-specific,
  • 3.Destination-specific,
  • 4.Subject-specific,
  • 5.Need-based,
  • 6.Sports-based

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