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Canada currently hosts more than 4,00,000 international students, with almost 140,000 students coming from India! Canada is increasingly becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. This is probably due to the fact that Canada spends more on its education, per capita, than any other country in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Canadian universities are reputed the world over, and a degree from Canada adds good weightage to any CV.

Canada is a very Indian friendly community owing to the fact that it has already seen a great deal of immigration and subsequent integration of Indian expats. Permanent residency post university study is also a more readily available option in Canada as compared to most other places abroad.

Canadian universities offer an education on par with the best in the world, at much lower rates than competing universities, especially in the United States. A student visa in Canada permits a student to work on campus for 6 months after which he/ she may look for a job off campus as well.


Top Institutions

  • Top programs.

    In Canada, there are 90 Universities and 42 SPP Colleges. The difference between Universities and SPP Colleges is that the Universities offer the academic programs and SPP Colleges offer the specialised courses and they are comparatively less expensive than the Universities.

    Best courses are:

    • Engineering

    • Computer Science

    • Information Technology (IT)

    • Research

    • International relations

  • Top 12 universities

    1.University of Toronto

    2.University of British Columbia

    3.Simon Fraser University

    4.University of Alberta

    5.McGill University

    6.University of Calgary

  • 7.University of Waterloo

    8.Université de Montréal

    9.York University

    10.University of Saskatchewan

    11.McMaster University

    12.University of Western Ontario

Tuition and Living expenses

While Canada’s education and standard of living are amongst the highest in the world, its tuition fees and cost of living are generally lower than US and UK. A number of comparison studies conducted by educational publications of repute prove that students can save considerably on their tuition fees while studying in Canada.

Community Colleges (SPP Program):

8,000 – 17,000 CAD per year

University Degrees for both UG and PG:

10,000 – 15,000 CAD per year

Cost of Living:

10,000 CAD per year (includes accommodation, transport and entertainment).

Language spoken

English, French and Punjabi!

Indian community there

Substantial – specially in Toronto and British Columbia. Almost all ethnic groups are represented in Canada and there are millions of Indians living happily for generations. Canadians are very cosmopolitan and inclusive in their attitude and are generally regarded as being more polite, gracious and welcoming towards the Asian community. Students come to Canada from all over the world, so graduates build work contracts and friendships across the globe as well as with Canadians.


Numerous research scholarships, excellent CoOp programs


You will have the opportunity to get those sweaters and jackets out!

Job Opportunities

You also have the option of working outside the campus limited to 20 hours a week during semester months and full time during scheduled breaks like summer and winter vacations.

Canada also offers post study work rights for 1-3 years depending on the course taken. Students with Canadian credentials, qualifications and work experience can apply and easily secure permanent residency in Canada without having to leave after completing their education. However, this varies for each individual depending upon points obtained.

During this process, which takes up to 15 to 18 months to complete, students from India find gainful full-time employment which simply adds to their credentials, thus strengthening their application.

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