Testimonials from our students

Aadia Mujawar

Cornell university

I would never have been able to receive my dream admits without the help of IMFS (specially Sarita Ma’am and Deepti Ma’am). Right from choosing the right career path to making tough decisions during the pandemic, the IMFS team has supported me throughout. Sarita Ma’am has believed in me and motivated me to achieve goals I could not even imagine. Deepti Ma’am is very approachable regarding any doubt and there is literally no form she cannot help you fill!!
I highly recommend joining IMFS to fulfil your abroad education dream.

Hiteshri Choksi

Georgetown University, Washington D.C

I was a GRE and counseling student at IMFS, 2016-17. I moved to the US last year to pursue my MS in Biotechnology from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. I thought it would be nice to give you a brief about how the journey has been for me so far.
My program was a one-year accelerated course, and I graduated a couple weeks back with a GPA of 3.89. What a journey it has been, right from moving to the US, to the day of my graduation. It definitely was overwhelming in the first few weeks, but I adapted sooner than I thought I would. I am honestly very glad that I made the decision to come here, since this has shaped me in ways I had never imagined.
I had to do a Capstone internship as a part of my program and I interned at a company called MusculoSkeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers as a business development intern. My mentor, Mr. Keith Tode, is the Director of the Strategic Partnerships at this company and he was really happy with my work. I have attached a screenshot of what he posted on LinkedIn for me. Besides, we also had an awards ceremony during graduation and it gives me immense happiness to inform you that I won 3 awards at the ceremony: Academic Excellence, Excellence in Internship and Excellence in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship.
I am now actively applying for jobs and hoping to have something by the end of June, so that I can start working in July. With some or the other immigration laws coming up every other day, the job application process is getting a little stressful, but I am positive something good will come my way. I was really looking forward to meeting you while you were in the US, but since you weren't visiting D.C, I did not get a chance to see you. If I do plan on coming to India for a vacation or to see my family, I will make sure I come to meet you.
Once again, I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to IMFS. You did give wings to my dreams!

Bhavesh P Motwani

University Of Southern California

GRE: 320 / TOEFL: 108

The thing I admire the most about IMFS is the support I received from everyone. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without this helping environment. I am very grateful to the entire team of IMFS for helping me fulfill my dream of studying in well renowned institution.Special Thanks to Mr. K.P. Singh Sir For his humorous but resourceful teaching.It has been an honour to study under the guidance of such a wise man.
Thankyou very much.

Akshay Gujarathi

Northeastern University

GRE: 309

The motto of IMFS is “We Give Wings to your Dreams”, and believe me they seriously do. I had a dream of pursuing my Masters from a country about which I had no knowledge of the education system and also how to get there. And today that dream has been turned into reality only because of IMFS. IMFS is undoubtedly the best place in every aspect right from the preparation of GRE and TOEFL exams to the Counselling. And even if you have any slightest doubt just attend a lecture from KP SINGH SIR and you understand the rest. Securing an admission in a reputed college in a foreign country seems easy but believe me the process is very big and it requires perfection in each and every aspect in order to get admitted in one good college and IMFS does this work smoothly in the best possible manner. A slightest mistake can have big consequences but all thanks to the entire IMFS team that today I have secured admission in my dream college without any hurdles. I would specially like to thank KP SINGH SIR for those Motivational lectures, awesome lectures and the confidence which he instills amongst students like me. A big thanks to the entire Thane Branch of IMFS. Especially NEELU MAAM who was always there to solve every problem and most importantly for solving all the queries and clearing the doubts which my parents had. She assures to parents that their ward is with right people at the right place. Also would like to thank NITIN SIR. A special thanks to POONAM MAAM, JAGAT SIR, SANIKA MAAM, SNEHA MAAM for helping out with the application process and solving our silliest doubts, for the Mock Interviews and endless help provided by you. Thanks to SACHIN SIR as well for helping us. It seriously wouldn’t have been possible not only for me but for every other student at IMFS to achieve their colleges, achieve their dreams= without you people.

IMFS isn’t just a class , it is a very big family. Its not only a place where people just charge you for doing your work. When you enter IMFS you enter a family. The Staff and teachers here go out of the way to help students achieve their dreams, which we have witnessed and it was really a privilege to be a part of IMFS. Blessed to be a student of KP SIR, Blessed to be a Part of the IMFS family. Thanks a lot each and everyone.

Varun Sriram

Northeastern University

GRE: 306

Joining IMFS for GRE/TOEFL and counseling was the best decision I took as the first step to pursue my MS in USA. They provided me with best tools and taught us the best tricks to use those tools to our benefit i.e. Crack the exams. The strategies taught to us by Prof. K.P.Singh which were used to tackle the reading comprehensions/ synonym questions etc were very easy to understand and simple to implement because of the refined teaching methodologies. The lively and exciting class that Nitin Sir used to conduct aroused more interest and motivated us to solve sums irrespective of the problem's difficulty. Initially, I did not have much knowledge about the university's application and visa processes. IMFS did their best to make sure I am updated with all the information related to my course of study. The SOP and LORs drafted by K.P sir were on point. The SOP described my emotions in a precise manner.

Spending time with the administrative department while applying for universities and visa processes was the super fun and the best experience I had. Nilu ma'am, Poonam ma'am, Jagat Sir, Sanika ma'am and Sachin sir are the best. They are like friends to me now. The atmosphere is joyful and cordial when I was at the office filling applications. They fully supported me during times of distress (when I received rejects and some visa application problems) and solved all my problems without any hesitation. Finally, I would thank IMFS for guiding and helping me achieving my dream to do my MS in Game Development, as it is quite an unknown field in this country at this moment. I'll make them proud and gain great heights that will make them happy. Thank you.

Atul Singh

It has been a great journey since the beginning of GRE coaching till the final US readiness seminar. I couldn't have asked for a better counsellor who were always there, even for the tiniest doubts and queries. Honestly, I don't think there is a better person than K.P. Sir to help you with your LORs, SOPs and universities.

I would like to thank Nitin Sir for those brilliant Quant classes and the tips and tricks he shared with us. Verbal lectures by K.P. Sir were truly amazing. A special mention and thanks to Deepa Ma'am and Debby Ma'am who always helped and supported me in any moment of crisis and have a big hand in helping me reach where I am today. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this great family and would like to continue this association by being useful in any way possible in the future. I am sure IMFS will continue to enlighten and guide students to achieve and live their dreams.

Karan Shah

To K.P. Singh Sir

A heart warming letter

Hey there friend,
Forgive me for not calling you 'Sir' and instead calling you a 'friend' but that's just what you were to me throughout the course of this class. More often than not you were that best friend of mine, who would always sit together with me on the last bench and who would always manage to crack me up. Let me tell you this thing which I tell all my friends (especially the ones not at IMFS and even the ones not even looking for a Masters): Your lectures are a treat!

They truly are (Or should I say 'were', as I may not get to attend them anymore). I savour every minute of every lecture of yours and I am going to relish every moment I had been a part of your lectures. Your lectures are plain simple 'genius'. Telling story after story, and unraveling answer after answer. Somewhere in between introducing the pattern of GRE and demonstrating how to take a shot of Glucon-D, you made me grow. Not only in terms of how to tackle the GRE but in life generally. Your profound knowledge knew no bounds, and your determination, to transfer the same to us, knew none either.

Your love for political debates, your unflinching allegiance to the Cassius Clay (I remember the word 'ambidextrous' because of it), your habit of making fun of husbands, your multilingual verses (problem che ne) and the way you reminisce the days when you used to play hockey. I will treasure all of it, every ounce of it. Your lectures weren't just lectures about English but you would often end up teaching more about life and less about English.

I always tell my friends about you. You are possibly the best teacher I have had in my life after my parents. But apart from a teacher, you're a great stand up comedian. Verbal lectures which would otherwise be traumatising are a breeze in the presence of your funny anecdotes. I always tell my friends how, had you not been a teacher, you would make a great comic artist. (Which is ironic as we did an RC on that topic today)

You're among the very few teachers whom I have met in life, who are truly in love with their profession. Some do it for money, some do it out of habit, some do it because they have to - but you do it because you 'want' to! That glint in your eyes when you stand in front of the entire class with that wide smile, finding its way out of your beard, tells it all. Even a blind person would be entire class with that wide smile, finding its way out of your beard, tells it all. Even a blind person would be able to see the immense joy you feel by teaching. You just belong there.

You might not remember this (or maybe you would), but I'm the guy who came to your office asking for the Rs. 50 that you had bet in the class. I remember standing at the entrance of your office (Borivali branch) and telling you I will save it - and I still have it safe, folded away in a corner in my cupboard.

I'm sorry for writing so much and for you to having read so much, but I just couldn't help it. Today was the last lecture of the course and it was longest of them all (4 hours). After that last lecture, instead of reveling in happiness because it was finally over, I, somewhere in my heart, felt sad. Sad because I will no longer get to 'enjoy' your lectures again. I will not get to 'enjoy' your jokes. I will not get to 'enjoy' your stories. I will not get to 'enjoy' your experiences. I will not get to 'enjoy' THE K.P. Singh. (No sexual innuendo intended :P) Consider this as a big 'Thank You' for all your teachings from an equally big if not more big fan of yours. I loved lectures and always will.

With that I will end this long monologue and hoping that this note finds its way to you and doesn't get lost in the sea of emails you receive.

Ameet Vishwakarma

University of Missouri - St. Louis

GRE: 300 / TOEFL: 97

To begin with, I would like to Thank the entire IMFS team for the effort they put in to enable success for each student. Joining IMFS for GRE and TOEFL coaching and Counseling was the best decision I made. I was recommended to IMFS by one of my friend and ex-student of IMFS Sagar Shinde, he said that staff at IMFS treat you as family, and I found it to be true.

GRE and TOEFL Teaching at IMFS is amazing. Professors are well experienced and they teach from rudimentary steps and making the concepts very clear. Also, the study materials and test materials provided were very helpful. Counseling is the best part at IMFS, I got all the help needed at each stage from the very supportive and friendly staff at Borivali Branch, making the process a smooth sail.

I wish IMFS all the very best for their future endeavors.

Subhransu Nanda

Northeastern University

Respected Singh Sir,
By virtue of your invaluable blessings, I was able to secure an admission to the most coveted "Northeastern University" in Boston where I will be pursuing my M.S. in "Energy Systems" starting Fall 2016. I always had immense desire and passion for doing research in the fields of renewable energy and automobile engineering. Therefore, after achieving the first step towards my dream, I am not only thankful to God and my parents but also to you for your blessings, your guidance and individual attention and your constant nurture and push towards acquiring more knowledge about the nitty-gritties of science and its applications.

I will always be inspired by your ever striving attitude for performing the duties of a teacher with perfection. No words can describe such a noble profession. You are a role model to many students like us. I wish to meet you again someday after achieving my goals in life, which I think will be an apt way of showing you my love and respect for your selfless service.

I hope you have a very successful life of your own filled with love and happiness from both your family and students and may many students benefit from your teachings and guidance and make a life out of the education imparted to them. Kindly convey my gratitude to all other staff members and the whole IMFS family all of whom I can't thank enough.

My heartfelt prayers and "Namaste" at your feet. Thank you sir.

Neehar Mukne

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

GRE: 311

I would start with the GRE and TOEFL coaching that I got from IMFS. Thanks to K.P. Singh sir, Nitin sir and Debby ma'am I could do so well in my exams. I had to prepare for Quants and Verbal from level zero and the tutoring, tips and tricks given by them were so much in handy that things became easier in the exams. Debbi mam helped us prepare for TOEFL in the most practical way (speaking, listening, writing and reading in the class itself). The Counselling services provided by IMFS are fantastic. For that I thank Neelu mam, Sneha ma'am and K.P. Singh sir. They took all the efforts to help me with almost everything, like I was being spoonfed. Although I pestered them with lots of changes in my SOP and Universities selection and also with a lot of unnecessary questions, they helped me without any hassles. K.P. Singh sir even helped me for making a new SOP which I needed for a program change. Additionally, at IMFS, I was helped with other things like making packets to send to the universities, cheaper couriers and most importantly preparing for VISA interviews! I would want to thank every staff of IMFS for helping me to get such a great University, WPI which I had never thought of expecting an admit from, Neelu and Sneha ma'am knows best how skeptical I was. Finally, I am happy with my LORs, SOP and my University!
Thanks IMFS!!!

Hari Nair

IMFS Counseling

If your career goal is to pursue higher studies in the United States, IMFS is the right place to be! I will share my experience with you all guys, when I heard about KP Singh consultancy from my friends I was thinking who this guy is. After I joined the visa counseling from start till the end he was there with me. Especially the literature he drafts for each student (each one is unique) as also the specific details he provides are noteworthy. I got an opportunity to attend his class session one time and it was so lively and full of humor that every student were enjoying their studies for both the verbal and quantitative sections. The most important part is the teaching technique used by Prof. K.P. Singh sir is truly unique. On above that, the faculty members at thane branch Sachin bhai, Poonam ma'am, Pooja ma'am, Sneha ma'am, they were all supportive to solve my queries especially one person my dearest Neelu mam, from the online registration till the completion of visa counseling she was there continuously with me throughout the day. Without Neelu ma'am I could not have done anything and if my dream came true and flying to USA only because of my Neelu ma'am. Thank you for everything Neelu ma'am. One more guy, I really want to thank you Mr. Jagat sir who is truly a great supportive person whenever I was been in trouble in visa session. I will truly miss u all.

I would recommend IMFS to every student’s who is looking for overseas education in USA.


I recently received my official GRE scores which are as follows:-

GRE : Verbal - 164
Quants - 168
AWA - 5.0
TOTFL - 115 (R-28, L-29, S-28, W-30)

I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to K P Singh sir for his valuable guidance and constant support which helped me successfully clear the first step towards my dream of pursuing Masters in the US. All the methods and techniques taught by Sir were extremely helpful. Thank you sir for making this process of preparing for the GRE a fun ride with your interesting anecdotes with every RC. Frankly, I have started developing an interest in history because of the many stories and facts you shared with us.
Thank you Nitin sir, for an extremely fun quants class. All the tips and tricks and shortcut methods you taught us came in handy for solving the questions quickly. Your techniques were extremely helpful to understand concepts. Thank you very much sir for solving a wide array of questions in class which prepared us in its entirety.
Thank you Sanika ma'am for guiding us for TOEFL and AWA. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and more importantly a friend, constantly reminding us to practice and study words.
Thank you Neelu ma'am, Poonam ma'am, Jagat sir, Sachin sir for always being there. Looking forward to your continued support and assistance as a part of counseling.

Akshay Jain

University of Texas at Dallas

GRE: 309 / TOEFL: 111

I am glad to be a part of IMFS and would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart to help me achieve my dream of pursuing Ms in USA. They have helped a lot during the entire process starting right from helping me study for my GRE and Toefl to completing all my applications in time. They sit down with the student during the application process and answer to each and every query ASAP. The IMFS team is very friendly and provided me all the help from explaining all the processes to answering all the queries no matter how basic it was. I had applied for Fall 2020 however had to defer my admission to Fall 2021 due to the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, though the offices were closed, the IMFS team was available through online means and made full efforts in helping with all the deferral process.
All of this wouldn’t have been possible without IMFS and I would like to once again thank them!

Priyal Newalkar

University of Minnesota

GRE: 313

I had taken admission at IMFS for GRE coaching and counseling in 2014 itself. The fun-filled lectures with suitable timings and such wonderful professors had already won my heart. Due to some change of plans, I decided to apply for Fall-2017 and not soon in 2015. Even after starting the counseling sessions after such a huge gap, the process was indeed very smooth. I was not even aware of some of the universities he suggested which were actually well ranked and had an appropriate course structure as per my requirements. It is because of him that I am going to graduate from such an esteemed university. I am thankful to not only K.P.Singh sir but also his co-operative staff for helping me take the first and most important step towards achieving my dreams..!

Pranav Sawalapurkar

University of Cincinnati

GRE: 315 / TOEFL: 112

My journey with IMFS began in my second year of engineering. During the first orientation itself, KP Sir’s words instilled within me an unshakeable resolve to study abroad. He made me believe that it is possible and that I can do it. The coaching provided by Nitin Sir, KP Sir and Debby Ma’am has been a definite factor in my success. The material provided by IMFS, both hard and soft is extremely good and extensive enough to cover a large variety of questions. They have been extremely patient in solving doubts, relentlessly attending to every question, no matter how many times I approached them. Having started my coaching slightly earlier, I could dedicate more time towards preparing for the tests. During this entire period, all the teachers and office staff have been really helpful. Coming to counselling, IMFS has an excellent way of analysing the student’s profile and suggesting suitable universities. The SOPs and LORs drafted by Sir have been very instrumental in getting admits from universities. During the application process, the entire office staff was extremely helpful in solving queries, helping me fill up the application forms and meticulously verifying each minute detail and document as per each university requirement. During the VISA process, again the IMFS staff was there to guide me every step along the way. Filling up the online application form, preparing the file and also the preparation for VISA interview- I could not have done it without them. I thank KP Sir, Nitin Sir, Debby Ma’am, Neelu Ma’am, Poonam Ma’am and Jagat Sir for their guidance and help all along the way.

Roopasree Naidu

Purdue University

My whole journey with IMFS has been absolutely incredible! Everyone at the Dadar office was so helpful and made the whole process enjoyable and made me look forward to going to college! Coming to the U.S would not have been possible without them! I want to thank K.P. Sir for all his guidance and motivation because there aren’t many counselors who will put in the same amount of effort as him to ensure that you reach one step closer to your dream. I want to thank Debby ma’am for literally putting up with me because I remember all the hours I spent in the office going on asking her questions and she would have the patience to answer each and every one of them and point me in the right direction and push me to do better! I also want to thank Devika, Rashmi and Nilofer for all their help and encouragement! Today I’m in Purdue University having the best time of life and achieving my goals and this would not have been possible without the IMFS team that encouraged and supported me. I’m extremely grateful to all of you. And I will come to the office and meet everyone whenever I’m back in Mumbai and please let me know anytime you’re here. Thank you for everything!!

Sumeet Nayak

Ph.D student

Dear K.P. Sir,
Genetics Society of America (GSA) has appointed me as the co-chair of the Communication and Scientific Outreach subcommittee. I would now have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the Scientists and the common people here in the USA and get a chance to influence young minds to pursue higher education in Science. This is my 3rd year here in Massachusetts and getting such an opportunity while doing my PhD is all because of all your blessings and the efforts IMFS took to fulfil my dream. Thank you so much, Sir.

Priya Raghuraman

North Carolina State University

Fall 2016

Dear Sir,
I want to thank the entire team of IMFS for all the guidance and help. You really made my life simple. When students all around me were struggling with the tedious admission procedure, I wasn't. The reason is the amazing team of IMFS. I wanted to thank each person of the IMFS team who made my journey comfortable but I worry that I may miss out on somebody considering there are so many people, the staff and the mentors. But being audacious for the moment, I think, let me give it a try.

During one of the IMFS seminars, Debby Mam had invited you on stage by saying "Please put your hands together for the dashing and charismatic, Mr. K. P. Singh". Debby Mam couldn't be more perfect than this. I wouldn't think of any other adjective that could describe you in a better way than this. "Dashing" and "Charismatic". Thank you Sir for always being there, for always explaining things to us patiently, for answering our queries on mails irrespective of how silly they would sound to you and for hundred other things I can't even start describing. When I grow up and enter the professional life, I wish I develope the same passion and the same zeal for work as you have.

How important Manoj Sir is to me is same as importance of quant during the GRE for an engineer with poor verbal skills. I hope you get the picture ;p (that student is more or less me). I remember the mental state I was in a day prior to my GRE, on the verge of tears and no confidence about the test next day. I had come to meet Manoj Sir at Dadar branch to solve some doubts. On seeing me, he realized that I needed motivation class more than I needed quant class. And so he give one to me. An hour long lecture. When I was going back home, I was feeling miraculously light. It seemed unreal but it happened for sure. And I do owe that to him forever.

DEBBY Ma'am:
I was awstruck when I heard Debby Ma'am speak about AWA section in her first class with us. She was mesmerizing. I have spoken so much about her in front of college friends (even including the non-IMFS friends) that they all probably know her by heart. Whenever I had a shadow of doubt in my mind or hesitant about some thing, she is the right person to ask. You will get the truth, the simple truth. No beating around the Bush and no sugar coating. She would lay plain and forthcoming facts in front of us whenever we needed it. It was always "Take it or leave it". Thank you Mam for encouraging me to apply for NCSU in the first place when I was contemplating whether it's to ambitious for me.

SONAL Ma'am:
Even before I start thanking you for everything you have done for me, I would want to start by saying sorry. I don't know how many times I might have called you to ask trivial doubts like "Kitne marksheet ka Xerox lu?" :p But there you were! Patiently answering my doubts and maybe that of hundreds of different students like me asking the same stupid doubt. Not once you showed even a bit of irritation or displeasure.Hats off!! So thank you for being there; from the time you and Devika Mam would adjust my GRE mock tests timing to suit my college timings to the time you made sure I was ready for the Visa interview.

For what you all have done for me, "Thank you" is a very small, shallow word. But I can't think of anything else. Keep inspiring students like me and thousands more who are yet to come. May the drive, passion and the energy you all have never ever die. Thank you once again.

See you all around.

Ankita Gupta

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

GRE: 315 / TOEFL: 108

The team was very chilled out and supportive, exactly what I needed. They drafted a very well-thought SOP for me and even helped me draft my Personal Statement. I am overall satisfied with the counseling services of IMFS.

Pawan Sharma

John Hopkins University

Assistant Prof, Dr. D.Y. Patil University

I started up for a voyage, a journey which can land me into a position where I can cherish each and every professional goals I ever dreamt or even ever percepted. After completing my graduation in 2013 with major in Neurological Rehabilitation, I joined Dr. D.Y. University, Pune as an Assistant Professor which in itself was a great success for me. Very soon I realized the immense thirst prevailing within me for learning and implementing the research and technological advancement. I decided to apply for my Doctorate to well reputed American Universities with a hope of satiating my thirst, but my own decisions came to me as a nightmare as I was completely unknown to the chances of mine making to such reputed universities. Luckily I met K.P Singh Sir and Mrs. Sarita Sinha at IMFS, Pune who not only made me believe that I am credible student for doctorate but also made me aware of the funding options available. It was a great relief for me.

Very soon I found myself sitting among the people much younger to me, mostly in the age group of 23-25, and the best part was: I was a student here, no more a professor. The teaching style at IMFS is truly unsurpassable. I was amazed to see the way K.P Singh Sir, Nitin Sir and Mrs. Sarita Mam used to hold the attention of the whole class with their brain boosting conversations. Sir and Mam both helped me in learning the core of the verbal section of the GRE and also taught me every skill required to ace the TOEFL. It was only because of their guidance which helped me to score well in the GRE verbal and TOEFL. The another obstacle was quantitative section of GRE, it was almost 11 years since I last touched mathematics book, but the fabulously knitted techniques of Mr. Nitin helped me in touching the score which was considered too good for a non-engineering student. The constant support of Ms. Rashmi in terms of filling ds160, document preparation and Visa application is truly commendable and I found her bestowed with immense management skills.

GRE and TOEFL exams were over and we were spearheading towards the application session. With the constant guidance from K.P Singh Sir and Mrs. Sarita, I started mailing my professors of interest and she even taught us the way we should draft an email. For a matter of surprise, I mailed 24 professor and 21 among them were ready to accept me as a PhD scholar. It was a real confidence boost. I applied to five universities and got admit from three, among which two were fully funded. I decide to accept the offer from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and started preparing for my Visa Interview under the guidance of Sir & Ma'am and succeeded too. I will be joining my PhD in Health and Rehabilitation sciences with concentration in movement rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury patients in fall 2016. I am pretty excited to see the research facility over there. Stony Brook Medicine is considered as one of the best medical universities of USA and I am privileged to be a part of it.

IMFS gave wings to my dreams and as I have promised to Mrs. Sarita, I will use these wings to fly to John Hopkins. Good Luck IMFS for future endeavour.

Devesh Thakker

San Jose state University

GRE: 306 / TOEFL: 95

It has been an amazing journey. From the day I stepped in for counselling, you guys have helped me pursue my dream to set my foot in California. It would have been a mess and a strenuous work, if you guys wouldn't have been behind my back to get my stuff done.
Thanks a ton!!! Love you guys

Bhavesh L Sachdev

Northeastern University, Boston

GRE: 309 / TOEFL: 98

IMFS, a profound name that rings the bells of success in many students' minds, helping them reach a point which was once a cherished dream of their life. The best thing about IMFS is the kind and sweet manner in which each and every student is treated no matter the background of the student. I personally have had an awesome one-of-a-kind experience with the enlightenment and the equal hospitality received from K.P. Singh Sir, undoubtedly he is one of the most cheerful, kind, loving and helpful personality I have met in my life.

Words are too less to describe the guidance and help that I have received from the IMFS staff, teaching and non-teaching both, for this was an unknown path and they served us as a bright light and helped us not to stumble or fall along the way. I wish I could learn more from K.P. Sir as he is an excellent mentor, a motivator and a person who has changed the way we perceive things for the greater good and I will be eternally grateful for his teachings and moral values.

I am now proceeding towards my ambition to start (and finish with good grades) my Masters in Information Systems at the Northeaster University, Boston. I am thankful to the entire staff of IMFS Thane branch and would like to take a bow to show my respect and gratitude for the services I have been provided. Surely, it was a soothing and wonderful journey of an year right from the point I started getting mentored for GRE to the point of counselling where I was done with my visa and other formalities.

I would definitely recommend IMFS to all my friends and colleagues who wish to study abroad. Cheers to the IMFS Team

Aditya Jain

IMFS Rocks!
Had a wonderful experience right from attending GRE sessions till the final mock test with K.P. Singh Sir. In between this journey D Souza sir guided me through each step. D'Souza sir guided me how to get transcripts and also helped me in getting my attested mark sheets. My first attempt was in 2013 when I scored very less around 280. I consulted him and again attempted in 2015, again scored less around 289-290. I completely thought of changing my dream...but D'Souza Sir bolstered my confidence and suggested me to give one more attempt which I did and scored 297 (not Good but decent for me). I would also like to thank other staff members like Parwinder Sir, Diana Ma'am for there valuable suggestion and support. Last but not the least I would like to thank Sameer for his assistance as well.

IMFS Borivali has a staff of flamboyant knowledge that attracts students from other facilities as well. I am sure anyone counselling with IMFS will be bullish about his/her future. IMFS is not a business to just earn money like others, but it actually give wings to your dreams. I will never forget IMFS for giving wings to my dreams.

Sudharshan Janardhan

UNC Charlotte

I have been meaning to write to you for quite some time now, but I think there is no better moment than this one. I graduated from UNC Charlotte after 2 years of pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering. It has been a while since I graduated in May and have been stressed up with the job search. The wait was finally worth it as I ended up getting two job offers in a span of 10 days, one from Whirlpool and one from Extreme Networks. It was a tough choice no doubt given the size of a company like Whirlpool, but I got offered the position of a Senior Associate Systems Engineer with Extreme Networks, compared to an entry level position at Whirlpool. In the end, the position along with a significantly better pay made the decision easier for me and today I completed my first day at Extreme Networks. All the hard work finally came to fruition today, but none of it would have happened without your guidance and support in the very first step I took in this direction. It is said that the first step taken towards our dreams is the most crucial one and you played a major part as a mentor providing the best guidance at that stage. That coupled with the moral and financial support from my parents. Without you all, I would have never even had the opportunity to achieve whatever I could to begin with. Thank you for your blessings Sir. I still have the 1 Dollar Bill that you gave and the words that accompanied with it; to keep adding zeros to it. I have literally gone through all the stages of adding zeros one by one.

The first time, earning 100$ through college activities, then 1000$ by working at a restaurant, followed by earning $10k during my internship and now finally getting a full time job, just falling little short of adding another zero but a really significant moment for me nevertheless. I really fall short of words to describe how grateful I am and how much I would like to thank you repeatedly. I look forward to meeting you soon, either in the US or when I visit India this December. Thank you very very much for all your support Sir!


I did my GRE coaching from IMFS and was able to get a score of 334. It was a phenomenal experience working with the IMFS team. To begin with, K. P. Singh sir's lectures were fun filled and at the same time he made the daunting verbal section much easier to cope with. He was a great help, especially when the GRE was drawing nearer, replying to every email and guiding me as a mentor when I was so stressed out. The others at IMFS were very supportive as well, correcting the numerous practice essays that I had submitted and giving me useful tips for the exam. My heartfelt gratitude to K. P. Singh sir and team IMFS for helping me in my endeavour to achieve a great score.