Cornell university

    I would never have been able to receive my dream admits without the help of IMFS (specially Sarita Ma’am and Deepti Ma’am). Right from choosing the right career path to making tough decisions during the pandemic, the IMFS team has supported me throughout. Sarita Ma’am has believed in me and motivated me to achieve goals I could not even imagine. Deepti Ma’am is very approachable regarding any doubt and there is literally no form she cannot help you fill!!

    I highly recommend joining IMFS to fulfil your abroad education dream.

  • Akshay Jain

    University of Texas at DallasGRE: 309 / TOEFL: 111

    I am glad to be a part of IMFS and would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart to help me achieve my dream of pursuing Ms in USA. They have helped a lot during the entire process starting right from helping me study for my GRE and Toefl to completing all my applications in time. They sit down with the student during the application process and answer to each and every query ASAP. The IMFS team is very friendly and provided me all the help from explaining all the processes to answering all the queries no matter how basic it was. I had applied for Fall 2020 however had to defer my admission to Fall 2021 due to the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, though the offices were closed, the IMFS team was available through online means and made full efforts in helping with all the deferral process.

    All of this wouldn’t have been possible without IMFS and I would like to once again thank them!

  • Hiteshri Choksi

    Georgetown University, Washington D.C

    I was a GRE and counseling student at IMFS, 2016-17. I moved to the US last year to pursue my MS in Biotechnology from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. I thought it would be nice to give you a brief about how the journey has been for me so far.

    My program was a one-year accelerated course, and I graduated a couple weeks back with a GPA of 3.89. What a journey it has been, right from moving to the US, to the day of my graduation. It definitely was overwhelming in the first few weeks, but I adapted sooner than I thought I would. I am honestly very glad that I made the decision to come here, since this has shaped me in ways I had never imagined.

    I had to do a Capstone internship as a part of my program and I interned at a company called MusculoSkeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers as a business development intern. My mentor, Mr. Keith Tode, is the Director of the Strategic Partnerships at this company and he was really happy with my work. I have attached a screenshot of what he posted on LinkedIn for me. Besides, we also had an awards ceremony during graduation and it gives me immense happiness to inform you that I won 3 awards at the ceremony: Academic Excellence, Excellence in Internship and Excellence in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship.

    I am now actively applying for jobs and hoping to have something by the end of June, so that I can start working in July. With some or the other immigration laws coming up every other day, the job application process is getting a little stressful, but I am positive something good will come my way. I was really looking forward to meeting you while you were in the US, but since you weren't visiting D.C, I did not get a chance to see you. If I do plan on coming to India for a vacation or to see my family, I will make sure I come to meet you.

    Once again, I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to IMFS. You did give wings to my dreams!

  • Roopasree Naidu

    Purdue University

    My whole journey with IMFS has been absolutely incredible! Everyone at the Dadar office was so helpful and made the whole process enjoyable and made me look forward to going to college! Coming to the U.S would not have been possible without them! I want to thank K.P. Sir for all his guidance and motivation because there aren’t many counselors who will put in the same amount of effort as him to ensure that you reach one step closer to your dream. I want to thank Debby ma’am for literally putting up with me because I remember all the hours I spent in the office going on asking her questions and she would have the patience to answer each and every one of them and point me in the right direction and push me to do better! I also want to thank Devika, Rashmi and Nilofer for all their help and encouragement! Today I’m in Purdue University having the best time of life and achieving my goals and this would not have been possible without the IMFS team that encouraged and supported me. I’m extremely grateful to all of you. And I will come to the office and meet everyone whenever I’m back in Mumbai and please let me know anytime you’re here. Thank you for everything!!

  • Hari Nair

    IMFS Counseling

    If your career goal is to pursue higher studies in the United States, IMFS is the right place to be! I will share my experience with you all guys, when I heard about KP Singh consultancy from my friends I was thinking who this guy is. After I joined the visa counseling from start till the end he was there with me. Especially the literature he drafts for each student (each one is unique) as also the specific details he provides are noteworthy. I got an opportunity to attend his class session one time and it was so lively and full of humor that every student were enjoying their studies for both the verbal and quantitative sections. The most important part is the teaching technique used by Prof. K.P. Singh sir is truly unique. On above that, the faculty members at thane branch Sachin bhai, Poonam ma'am, Pooja ma'am, Sneha ma'am, they were all supportive to solve my queries especially one person my dearest Neelu mam, from the online registration till the completion of visa counseling she was there continuously with me throughout the day. Without Neelu ma'am I could not have done anything and if my dream came true and flying to USA only because of my Neelu ma'am. Thank you for everything Neelu ma'am. One more guy, I really want to thank you Mr. Jagat sir who is truly a great supportive person whenever I was been in trouble in visa session. I will truly miss u all.

    I would recommend IMFS to every student’s who is looking for overseas education in USA.

  • Pawan Sharma

    John Hopkins University

    Assistant Prof, Dr. D.Y. Patil University

    I started up for a voyage, a journey which can land me into a position where I can cherish each and every professional goals I ever dreamt or even ever percepted. After completing my graduation in 2013 with major in Neurological Rehabilitation, I joined Dr. D.Y. University, Pune as an Assistant Professor which in itself was a great success for me. Very soon I realized the immense thirst prevailing within me for learning and implementing the research and technological advancement. I decided to apply for my Doctorate to well reputed American Universities with a hope of satiating my thirst, but my own decisions came to me as a nightmare as I was completely unknown to the chances of mine making to such reputed universities. Luckily I met K.P Singh Sir and Mrs. Sarita Sinha at IMFS, Pune who not only made me believe that I am credible student for doctorate but also made me aware of the funding options available. It was a great relief for me.

    Very soon I found myself sitting among the people much younger to me, mostly in the age group of 23-25, and the best part was: I was a student here, no more a professor. The teaching style at IMFS is truly unsurpassable. I was amazed to see the way K.P Singh Sir, Nitin Sir and Mrs. Sarita Mam used to hold the attention of the whole class with their brain boosting conversations. Sir and Mam both helped me in learning the core of the verbal section of the GRE and also taught me every skill required to ace the TOEFL. It was only because of their guidance which helped me to score well in the GRE verbal and TOEFL. The another obstacle was quantitative section of GRE, it was almost 11 years since I last touched mathematics book, but the fabulously knitted techniques of Mr. Nitin helped me in touching the score which was considered too good for a non-engineering student. The constant support of Ms. Rashmi in terms of filling ds160, document preparation and Visa application is truly commendable and I found her bestowed with immense management skills.

    GRE and TOEFL exams were over and we were spearheading towards the application session. With the constant guidance from K.P Singh Sir and Mrs. Sarita, I started mailing my professors of interest and she even taught us the way we should draft an email. For a matter of surprise, I mailed 24 professor and 21 among them were ready to accept me as a PhD scholar. It was a real confidence boost. I applied to five universities and got admit from three, among which two were fully funded. I decide to accept the offer from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and started preparing for my Visa Interview under the guidance of Sir & Ma'am and succeeded too. I will be joining my PhD in Health and Rehabilitation sciences with concentration in movement rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury patients in fall 2016. I am pretty excited to see the research facility over there. Stony Brook Medicine is considered as one of the best medical universities of USA and I am privileged to be a part of it.

    IMFS gave wings to my dreams and as I have promised to Mrs. Sarita, I will use these wings to fly to John Hopkins. Good Luck IMFS for future endeavour.te