Travel Assistance

A home is a happy place for everyone. Nobody could imagine going away from their cosy place of comfort for long years! Being anxious is quite normal, and we at IMFS understand these intense emotions pretty well, and work our way to make student's journey and life abroad as easy-going as possible. Right from flight tickets to the dwelling place in the desired country, everything is covered by IMFS.

All crucial responsibilities such as assistance with airline bookings, journey, and stay, everything is managed efficiently by us. We keep in mind various budgets and offer discounts for everyone. Making every student’s journey as seamless as possible is our mission and providing them with suitable assistance after they land in their desired country is something that we strive for.

We are grateful to Amberstudent for partnering with us for successful assistance with students’ stay in abroad countries. Finding a perfect dwelling place away from home was never as easy as it is with the help of Amberstudent. IMFS and Amberstudent strive for the overall quality of stay while keeping in mind the requirements of students. You can find the best student homes across 250+ cities and 800+ major universities, what more could you ask for?

IMFS and Amberstudent are here to assist you throughout your tough adjustment times and make your journey and stay as pleasant as possible.

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