Institute of
Management and
Foreign Studies

The Institute of Management & Foreign Studies was founded in 1997, with the charter of providing students the option of studying abroad at the best of institutions. In 1997, that meant only one destination, America! And entry into the highly venerated universities in this Mecca of learning required students to fulfill many requirements, one of which is to do well in entrance examinations such as the GRE® (Graduate Record Examination) / GMAT® (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) / SAT® (Scholastic Aptitude Test) / TOEFL® and IELTS®. IMFS helps you examine opportunities globally - from options not only in America but also in Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore,Ireland and the rest of Europe.

IMFS is one of the first institutions in India to start professional coaching for the GRE / GMAT / SAT / TOEFL / IELTS / PTE and has since helped thousands of students to do well in these highly competitive examinations. In the year 2000, IMFS helped the first Indian student to get the “Full Score” in GRE. This feat was repeated in subsequent years and IMFS has helped 8 students secure the “Full Score” in the GRE, a feat unmatched by most other classes in the world.

IMFS awarded as the Best Overseas Education Consultancy in Mumbai

Our students have done equally well in GMAT, securing scores in the high 700 on a regular basis. It goes without saying that we have achieved equally spectacular results in SAT too! In retrospect, we find that the average scores of our toppers has gone up by 50 to 60 points. This phenomenon of students getting high scores can be attributed to many factors, one of which is the fact that our classes are conducted by a team of highly experienced and well-trained faculty led by K. P. Singh.