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Empowering Your Global Education Journey for Over 25 Years

Our Vision

At IMFS, we live and breathe John C. Maxwell’s philosophy - guiding, mentoring, and showing you the path to success. From a modest beginning with mentoring just four students in 1997 to serving a thriving community of 57,000+ alums in 2023, we have consistently exceeded expectations for over two and a half decades.

We are leaders in comprehensive test prep coaching and counseling, with a global reputation. With prestigious accolades like the Education Excellence award and Best Overseas Education Consultancy in India under our belt, our experienced 70-member team ensures personalized guidance and unwavering support for every student.

Our services are all comprehensive – from test prep to visas! We pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience to students and parents. In fact, even after the students are settled in their Experience our expert GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS coaching. Our tailor-made courses are designed for your needs and abilities, ensuring a seamless integration of learning concepts. We empower you to excel with flexible online and offline classes, access to valuable online resources, regular progress checks and stimulating mock exams.


  • Experienced subject matter expert tutors.
  • Insights from industry veteran K P Singh’s 28 years of experience and wisdom in the domain.
  • Tailored courses to suit your personal goals.
  • Consistent guidance from our dedicated counsellors and online portals.
  • A legacy of 26+ years with a track record of eight full GRE score achievers.


Meet Mr. K P Singh:
The Guiding Star of Global Education

🌏 From India to Ivy Leagues and Beyond:

Enter the dynamic world of Mr. K P Singh, the Founder of the Institute of Management and Foreign Studies (IMFS). When you think of transformative global education journeys, one name stands out — K P Singh. Through his unyielding passion, thousands have found their path from India’s heartland to the prestigious corridors of international universities.

🚀 A Snapshot of His Stellar Journey:

  • Legacy at IMFS: Over two and a half decades, Mr. Singh’s vision and leadership have steered 57,000+ students to their dream international universities.
  • Honors Galore: A three-time recipient of awards for educational excellence, he’s not just another educator; he’s India’s test-prep maestro.
  • Educational Diplomacy: His academic footprint extends beyond IMFS. Mr. Singh is an influential member of various management committees across Mumbai’s eminent colleges.

🎙️ Voice of Authority in Media:

  • TV Savant: Mr. Singh has been a regular guest on CNBC, demystifying global education nuances.
  • Prolific Writer: Mr. Singh’s articles in leading newspapers such as Times of India, Telangana Today and Hindustan Times are a treasure trove of knowledge.
  • Acclaimed Author & Speaker: From authoring the essential “Comprehensive Guide to Cracking The GRE” to captivating over 150,000 students through seminars, including a stirring TEDx talk, he’s an educator in every sense.

🌟 Mentoring & Beyond:

  • Perfect Score Whisperer: The magic touch? Eight of his proteges aced the GRE with a perfect score, an unmatched record in India.
  • Gateway to Global Ivy: Harvard, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon…the list of prestigious institutions that have welcomed his students is endless.

🌐 Leading a Powerhouse Team:

  • Chief at IMFS: Donning the dual ‘turbans’ of Chief Verbal Faculty and Head Counsellor, Mr. Singh’s mentorship has elevated IMFS to unprecedented heights in test prep for exams like GRE, GMAT, and more.
  • Global Acclaim: Under his stewardship, IMFS was catapulted among the top 10 Education Companies globally (PIEoneer Awards 2019).

💡 A Legacy Etched in Excellence:

In the grand tapestry of global education, Mr. Singh’s legacy shines bright. Three decades and counting, his journey embodies dedication, innovation, and the very spirit of empowering students. Through IMFS, he hasn’t just built an institution; he’s created a movement — turning dreams into degrees, aspirations into achievements.

Join hands with IMFS and Mr. K P Singh, and let the global odyssey begin! 🌟🎓🌐

Mrs. Meeta Singh:
The Pillar Behind IMFS’s Success

As a paramount Director of K P Singh Education Services Pvt. Ltd — the driving force behind the eminent IMFS brand — Mrs. Meeta Singh has been the cornerstone of IMFS since its inception. She isn’t merely a director; she’s the visionary who charted its course to success. With a relentless focus on results, her tenacity and foresight have elevated IMFS to an illustrious position in global education services.

Not only is Mrs. Singh an organizational virtuoso, but her adeptness in people management ensures that every student and parent receives a smooth, holistic experience during the counselling phase. Her multi-faceted skills range from strategic problem-solving and financial acumen to business expansion strategies, making her the lifeblood of IMFS.

But Mrs. Singh’s expertise isn’t limited to management. She’s also renowned for her exceptional proficiency in preparing students for university and Kira interviews. Her vast knowledge, combined with her unparalleled patience, shines especially when guiding students through the intricate process of US visa interviews. Under her watchful eyes, IMFS boasts an exemplary record, showcasing a near-perfect US visa approval rate. This speaks volumes of her deep insight into the visa system and her commitment to thorough student preparation.

Inspired by Socrates’ enduring adage — “I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only inspire them to think” — Mrs. Singh is more than just a guide or administrator. She is the very spirit of motivation. Her unwavering dedication has cultivated an environment that emphasizes knowledge enhancement, spurring both students and the passionate IMFS team to reach greater heights.

Embark on your journey of international studies with Mrs. Singh and IMFS — where dreams seamlessly transition into reality.

Mr. Ajaya Kumar Vemulapati:
The Visionary Force Behind IMFS

Meet the luminary guiding IMFS’s strategic course – Mr. Ajaya Kumar Vemulapati. As a Director with a potent combination of a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics and an MBA in Marketing, he showcases over three decades of deep-rooted expertise across diverse sectors like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, ITES, and of course, education.

Not just a seasoned professional, Mr. Vemulapati is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of nurturing nascent ventures into thriving successes. His ability to craft transformative go-to-market strategies stems from his sharp analytical insights and an innate ability to visualize the bigger picture. This visionary perspective distinguishes him in the realm of leadership.

It’s not just about business acumen, though. His expansive network, built on the foundations of genuine relationships, speaks volumes about his interpersonal prowess. The cornerstones of his leadership are transparency and fairness, emphasizing a world where everyone enjoys equitable opportunities and a dignified existence.

At IMFS, Mr. Vemulapati isn’t just a leader; he’s the driving force pushing for greatness. He envisions IMFS scaling global heights in career counseling, enabling students from India and across the globe to embark on their journey towards becoming global citizens. With Mr. Vemulapati at the helm, the journey of IMFS promises not just progress but transformative change.

Advisory Board:

Dr. S.S. Mantha:
A Pillar of Excellence and Beacon of Wisdom at IMFS

Unveiling the esteemed Dr. S.S. Mantha, the revered Advisor on the Board of Directors, Advisor, and Mentor of IMFS. A proud alumnus of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and the distinguished VJTI, Mumbai, Dr. Mantha’s credentials and accolades are as vast as they are impressive.

Currently donning the hat of the CEO of MAHAPREIT (a Government of Maharashtra initiative) and gracing the position of Emeritus Professor at VJTI, his leadership journey encompasses pivotal roles. As a former Chairman of AICTE and the President of the National Board of Accreditation, Dr. Mantha’s footprints have left indelible imprints across the educational landscape.

A prolific writer and thought leader, Dr. Mantha’s insights resonate in over 280 publications in esteemed national and international journals. Furthermore, his thoughts on education and administration have illuminated the pages of renowned platforms such as The Indian Express, LiveMint, and Businessworld.

Embodying the values of perseverance, resilience, and integrity, his commendable character was recognized with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Exemplar for Integrity by the Rethink India Foundation.

Now, as a guiding star at IMFS, Dr. Mantha is channeling his unparalleled expertise, inspiring the team to scale unprecedented summits of success. Embrace the journey with Dr. Mantha and IMFS, where wisdom meets aspiration.

Mr. Srinivas Medishetty:
Financial Maverick and Visionary Leader of IMFS

Mr. Srinivas Medishetty is the dynamic Financial advisor steering the financial helm at IMFS. A distinguished scholar, he boasts a Master’s Degree in Commerce, CAIIB, PDGBM, and specialized Diplomas in International Banking and Finance. For over two decades, he carved an indelible mark in the world of finance, working with industry titans such as Union Bank of India, the esteemed TATA Group, and HSBC, commanding senior financial and leadership positions.

But what truly sets Mr. Srinivas apart? His unwavering commitment to integrity and the value he places on honest, strong relationships. His network, built over years with trust as its foundation, has been an integral part of his illustrious corporate journey. Beyond the boardroom, his voice resonates in academic halls, as he frequently shares insights on credit and risk with eager students.

Yet, the allure of entrepreneurship beckoned. Leaving behind a successful corporate path, Mr. Srinivas embarked on his entrepreneurial quest in 2017, delving into realms like construction, mining, and most passionately, education.

At IMFS, his invaluable experience and vast connections fuel the mission to ascend to unparalleled heights in the education sector. Guided by the profound wisdom from ‘The Alchemist’ – “When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” – Mr. Srinivas relentlessly strives for excellence, setting benchmarks that align with his lofty aspirations. Join hands with Mr. Srinivas and IMFS, and let’s sculpt a bright, promising future together.

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