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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Manipal

We started the Manipal branch in July 2017, with students coming in from different streams and levels. Our first student was Abdul Mannan Asif, a high school graduate and an excellent football player, who began his undergraduate journey with an engineering degree in Mechatronix at Liverpool University, with a scholarship of 4000 GBP. In the very first batch, we also sent Nitesh Dubey to Michigan State University and Salil Puri to Clemson. Simultaneously, we began coaching for GRE / GMAT and TOEFL / IELTS, with our star faculty traveling from Mumbai to Manipal to coach these amazing young people, guiding them towards achieving high scores that opened doors for them.

Our span covers multiple countries other than just USA and UK, ensuring a smooth process to reach France, Germany, Spain, Italy , Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Among our students is Delwin Saldhana, who went to PoliMi Italy on a full scholarship, (including Living and meals), for an MS in Energy Engineering-Renewables and Environmental Sustainability. Another noteworthy student is Austin Vas, who was a recipient of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, though he chose to go to Stuttgart for his master’s in Embedded Technology.

Surviving through the pandemic, we moved our office to a more accessible facility, bringing us closer to the students as well as making it easier for them to reach us.

IMFS now hosts the only Official Testing Center for ETS, for both GRE and TOEFL, right here in Manipal. We are thus a complete one stop solution for all students aspiring for overseas education.

Meet Our Team

Sharmila Shaligram
General Manager

Meet Sharmila Shaligram, Your Go-To Guide at IMFS Manipal! With an impressive career spanning 28 years across the Corporate, Development, and Hospitality sectors, Sharmila is a powerhouse of expertise and guidance. She holds a BA in Economics, an MBA in Marketing, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Women's Studies from the University of Pune. Since joining IMFS in 2017, she's earned a reputation as a stellar counselor, adept at navigating students through the maze of global university admissions, right up to their departure.
Before IMFS, Sharmila honed her skills internationally, from leading capacity-building initiatives in Myanmar to coordinating study-abroad programs through the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania. Whether you're a student or a mid-career professional looking to study abroad, Sharmila's multifaceted experience makes her your ideal first point of contact. Rest assured, you're in excellent hands!

Meet Aishwarya Acharya, The Overseas Education Counsellor and Test Center Administrator at IMFS Manipal As a counsellor for overseas education, she guides and empowers aspiring students to navigate the complexities of university admissions. She will help you to turn your dreams into reality!

Aishwarya Acharya

Niyathi Kamath

Meet Niyathi Kamath, The Overseas Education Counsellor and Test Center Administrator at IMFS Manipal She will guide you through every step of your journey, answering questions and paving the way to your dream university. Let's make your global aspirations a reality!

Our Shining Stars and Their Success Stories

Aashwij Prabhu

Eindhoven University of Technology
MS in Chemical Engineering

keerthi MARAN

KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
MSc Sustainable Technology | Sales @ Trifilon

Rohith Warrier

Virginia Tech 
Mechanical Engineer

( GRE-329)

Tanmay Mishra

University of Glasgow
Masters in Clinical Pharmacology

Aarushi Kheterpal

King’s College London,
MSc Clinical Pharmacology

Melwin Abraham

Politecnico di Milano
Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Aaditya Bajaj

Imperial College London
Ms. In Petroleum Engineering

Anjali Rai

Creighton University -Graduate Student,
MS- Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Full scholarship and Stipend

Pranav Menon

Imperial College London

Rutu Rajeevan Valapil

PhD student at University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB)

Amit (Kumar) Jogi

University of Technology, Sydney 
MS in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management.

Aboli Bhingarkar

University of Pittsburgh
MS in Pharmaceutical sciences

Nalini Sodum

University of Oulu 
Doctoral Researcher, Research institute of Biomedicine and Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine


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