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Study Abroad Counselling at IMFS

Study abroad Counseling

Study Abroad Counseling at IMFS

We, at IMFS, are a passionate crew of experienced study abroad consultants dedicated to unlocking your true potential. Together, we promise to sail smoothly through the stormy seas of admission queries and guide you to your dream university. 

Let's see how we give Wings to your Study Abroad Dreams

Identifying your target country

We start with looking at countries which will offer you the best job opportunities for your field. We consult with our alumni network to understand ground realities, and guide you accordingly.

University Hunt

Beyond acing your entrance exams, we help you find a university that fits you like a glove! We don't just toss names your way; we provide all the necessary insights including faculty details, current research, even local weather!

Crafting Your Story

We help paint your portrait in words that universities can't resist. With our exper-tise, your Letters of Recommendation, Profile, and Statement of purpose will stand out, crafted from scratch!

Application Assembly

Lost in the sea of documents? We 've got your back! We ensure no stone is left unturned, and no document is left behind!

Finance Guidance

IMFS stands with you throughout the financial process. Thanks to our partner-ships with leading banks, your finance-related worries are a thing of the past!

Visa Counselling

Tackling tricky questions in those nerve-racking 200 seconds? We train you for it with our Mock Interviews/ visa cover letters and assist you in preparing your visa file.

Culture Training

We offer a unique program called ‘Overseas Readiness 101’, prepping you to handle the cultural switch effortlessly. We are proud to be the only institute offering this in India!


The stress of admission is over. Let's rel-ax, celebrate, and gear up for the exciting challenges ahead!

Why Choose IMFS for Study Abroad Counseling?

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Cultural Transition

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Application Management

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Pre-Departure Workshop

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Financial Aid Expertise

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Expert Study Abroad Consultants

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Best Visa Interview

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Extensive Network of
57,000+ Alumni

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Personalized Career

Study Abroad Workshop 101

We understand the significance of soft-skills in universities abroad. That’s why we bring you ‘Study Abroad Workshop 101′, an exclusive workshop covering communication skills, culture training, resume building, and much more.

Study abroad Counseling
Study abroad Counseling

Loans, Insurance, Air Tickets and More

We’re with you every step of the way, assisting you in banking, procuring education loans, ticketing, and even insurance. Get the best deals and the best value for your money!

IMFS Success Stories

With 57,000+ successful student placements in prestigious universities like Cornell, UCLA, and Stanford, we’re growing and glowing! Our alumni, from MS graduates earning $100,000 to MBAs bagging $150,000, are thriving, and so can you.

Study abroad Counseling

Join the IMFS family, and let's make your study abroad dream come true, together!

Your Passport to Success: Study Abroad Counseling Stories


Is it worth consulting with study abroad advisors?

Study abroad consultants can offer immense value by simplifying the intricate process of applying to universities, fulfilling visa requirements, and selecting the right institution for your goals. With their expertise and personalized approach, they can help you make well-informed decisions. If you're looking for professional support, consider exploring IMFS Study Abroad Counseling, a comprehensive service tailored to your unique study abroad ambitions.

What do study abroad counselors do?

Study abroad counselors provide invaluable assistance by guiding students through the multifaceted process of pursuing an education abroad. IMFS Study Abroad Counseling offers expert support in selecting universities, preparing applications, navigating visa requirements, and more. With our personalized approach, you can be confident in receiving the guidance you need at every stage of your international education journey.

Is study abroad counseling necessary?

While it's not mandatory to use study abroad counseling services, they can significantly simplify your path to studying abroad. Consultants bring in-depth knowledge of university selection, application strategies, and visa procedures, helping you avoid common pitfalls. By partnering with IMFS Study Abroad Counseling, you can benefit from comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a successful study abroad experience.

Can counselors assist with financial planning for studying abroad?

Absolutely! Counselors can be instrumental in helping you plan for the financial aspects of studying abroad. They can offer insights into estimating costs, identifying financial aid options like scholarships and grants, and budgeting for expenses such as tuition and living costs. At IMFS Study Abroad Counseling, we also provide assistance with Education Loan services, empowering you to manage your finances wisely while pursuing your international education goals.

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