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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Warangal

Meet Our Team

Nagendra Medishetty

Nagendra Medishetty is an experienced technologist, with over 15years of experience in the IT/ITES industry. Nag has considerable experience in leveraging innovative technologies to build and deliver large database products. In a career spanning over 15 years, he has successfully ventured into Manufacturing, IT & Consulting. Having successfully established his business in the IT sector, driven by his passion for design, he has ventured into Construction. Having spent well a decade and a half in the USA, Nagendra understands the requirements of students and the dynamic job market and helps us to provide valuable guidance in providing strategic guidance.

Suresh is a B Tech in CSE having extensive experience in handling operations in diverse industries. As a General Manager, he handles entire process from admission to Visa interviews to Finances. Suresh has began his journey with IMFS and in the last three years, he has risen to the rank of General Manager handling operations for entire IMFS South branches. With a keen observation and ability to navigate through multiple challenges, Suresh remains the go to person for all employees of IMFS South.

Suresh Ravi
General Manager

Sai Mounika Goli
Branch Manager

Sai Mounika is a qualified engineer in Electronics and communication engineering with an MBA in HR. She is enthusiastic about learning and adapting to whichever role she is in. Starting her career as a counsellor and soon realized the ropes and was promoted as Branch Manager. She is always there to help her colleagues with a beautiful smile to greet anyone who enters the office.

Pooja Agarwal
Head (Branch Manager)

Pooja has an MBA in finance and trainer’s certificates from ETS, Cambridge, and Pearson. She has coached students for IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL. In addition, she has developed a strong content to train students in Communications, Personality Development and English. Thanks to her earlier stints with reputed corporates like HDFC Bank, Alpha Bricks etc, Pooja brings in a diverse experience and helps the team to bond together. Her smiling face in the office to greet her students and colleagues. Pooja has the uncanny ability of navigating through challenges, addressing HR issues and is always ready to take up new challenges.

An MBA in HR, Nasreen is the source of energy in the team. Nasreen understands the dynamics of local markets and is always willing to train and adapt. As one of the initial team of IMFS Warangal, Nasreen is exposed to a host of activities and is a multi-faced talent, a go-getter and go to person who can help the students from counselling to operations to visa mocks.

Nasreen Farhaz
Senior Counsellor & Student Relationship Manager

Komalatha, an MBA in HR, has learned the ropes of the admission process, from counselling to applying for student applications. She is always there with a smile and believes in the mantra that nothing is Impossible. She adapts to her work in the office and is happy to go person.

Komalatha Gundavena
Counsellor (UK & Europe)

Hima Bindu
Senior Counsellor

Bindu, one of the first employees of IMFS Warangal, has a Degree in Engineering ( EEE) and has prior experience with Global Tree & AECC that allows us to bring in Industry best practices. Beginning as a USA counsellor, Bindu has learned the process quickly and she now heads the process for Canada & Australia that makes her the go to person for any query related to counselling for any country. A calm person, she is willing to listen to you patiently, clarify all your doubts and ensure you understand the process in clear terms.

Swati brings in diverse experience and adds the right balance to our team. As a team lead, she helps the team to address the most complicated issues and challenging tasks. She readily helps the students to track all their applications and their status and ensures the entire process is a smooth ride.

Swathi Komati
Team Lead (Operations)

Sushma Boda

Sushma is a BTech in CSE. She has the zeal to learn and grow within the organization and the mentality that makes her want to know everything about her business so that it goes off without a hitch when she offers advice to students. She adapts quickly to any situation to achieve her desired goals in life.

Services we offer


Our coaching center offers flexible learning options, we cater to various needs, ensuring that students are well-equipped for success in their respective exams.

Join us to pursue your academic goals!

GRE/GMAT: Online coaching available.

SAT: Online coaching available.

TOEFL/IELTS/PTE: Online and offline coaching options offered.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Both Online and Offline options availaible.


  • Application shortlisting
  • Application filing
  • Complete SOP preparation
  • Complete LOR content
  • Complete resume preparation
  • Scholarship application
  • Scholarship SOP
  • Financial documents preparation.
  • Financial counselling.
  • Follow up for confirmation letter with the college/university.
  • Visa SOP preparation
  • Visa documentation
  • Visa file submission
  • Pre departure session to the respective country, which includes dos and don’ts, things to carry to the respective Country.
  • Immigration rules and policies for that respective country.

Our Shining Stars and Their Success Stories

Anjali Barigela

Ms In Information Technology, Arizona State University

Dhoma Harshavardhan Reddy

Ms In Computer Science, Indiana University Bloomington

Mery Harika Gaddam

Ms In Computer Science, North Carolina State University

Siddhartha Komakula

Ms In Information Technology, University Of North Carolina Charlotte

Alekhya Ponnam

Ms In Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Of South Florida

Rohith Kodipaka

Ms In Computer Science, Texas Tech University

Students Awarded With Scholarships

Madhuri Bandari

Ms In Computer Science, Wright State University, Got Scholarship $ 10,000

Rakesh Kedala

Ms In Information Systems, Stevens Institute Of Technology, Got Scholarship $ 8,000

Shreya Jatling

Ms In Computer Science, Illinois Institute Of Technology, Got Scholarship $ 12,000

Nikhil Reddy Kotha

Ms In Computer Science, Texas Tech University


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