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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Chruchgate

Welcome to IMFS Churchgate – Where You Matter Most!

Welcome to the newest beacon of opportunity, IMFS Churchgate, where enthusiasm meets excellence. We are more than a centre; we’re your partner in crafting your future. Established in 2023, the Churchgate branch extends our top-notch services to the vibrant Southern part of Mumbai. Guided by the expertise of Ms. Reshma Bokaria, this branch is committed to answering your academic call.

Our Location: Where Heritage Meets Modernity

Nestled in the embrace of green Mumbai’s rich heritage, our Churchgate center is conveniently located just a short stroll from some of the city’s most renowned colleges. It’s more than a location; it’s a promise of proximity to greatness.

Meet Our Team

Ms. Reshma Bokaria

Ms. Reshma Bokaria stands as a beacon of expertise in the field of education counselling. Her journey, fuelled by an unrelenting passion for guiding and nurturing young minds for over 12 years, has touched the lives of countless students and parents.

Ms. Bokaria's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering. It expanded further with a Diploma in Radio Engineering. However, her true strength lies in her human-centric approach, strengthen by her certification as a Career Counsellor from the prestigious UCLA. She is more than an education counsellor; she is your partner in sculpting a future that aligns with your aspirations.

Our Offerings: Tailored to You

Whether you are a Humanities, Commerce, or vocational discipline student, our Churchgate branch has something unique for you. Our adept in-house counsellors and faculty that believe in education beyond textbooks are geared to make your dreams a reality.

Our Approach: Beyond Traditional Learning

We’re driven by a novel outlook on education that ensures you’re not just exam-ready but industry-ready. By nurturing your communication, reasoning, and quantitative skills, we lay a foundation for success that resonates far beyond the classroom.

Our diverse and dynamic student body is inspired to leave a mark on their respective fields. If that’s you, know that we understand your academic desires and are perfectly poised to guide you to the summit of your ambitions.

IMFS Churchgate: A Partnership for Success

Join the IMFS family, where we don’t just see a student; we see a future leader, an innovator, and a world-changer. Come and discover a world of possibilities, all tailored to you.

Take your first step with IMFS Churchgate and embark on a journey of success that is uniquely yours. Let’s explore your potential together, where your future begins!

Services offered:


Our coaching center offers flexible learning options, we cater to various needs, ensuring that students are well-equipped for success in their respective exams. Join us to pursue your academic goals!

GRE/GMAT: Both online and offline coaching available.
SAT: Online coaching available.
TOEFL/IELTS/PTE: Online and offline coaching options offered.


  •  Psychometric and Aptitude Testing for High School Students
  • Profile building
  • University Shortlisting
  • Assistance in Filling out University Application Forms
  • Registering for Entrance Examinations
  • WES Evaluation Support
  • SOP and LOR Writing Support
  • Education Loans
  • Visa Assistance

Our Shining Stars and Their Success Stories

Mahir Moondra

MSC in Finance, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, England

Abhijeet Jagtap

MSC In Computational Science, Laurentian University, Canada

Shubham Gawand

Master’s in Embedded Systems, Ravensburg University, Germany

Shabbir Khandwala

Master of Data Science, University of Calgary , Canada

Yash Tendulkar

MSc In Business Analytics, University of Bath, UK

Yash Gupta

Master of Data Science, University of Glasgow, UK


Hear from Our Alumni: Your Thoughts and Experiences Matter to Us

Visit Us: A Conversation to Remember

Curious? Intrigued?

Let’s talk. Drop by for a free preliminary inquiry, and we’ll show you why IMFS Churchgate is the right choice for you. Bring your dreams, your doubts, your aspirations – and leave the stress at the door.

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