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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Thane

Meet Our Team

Jagatpal Singh Matharu

Meet Jagatpal Singh Matharu, your dedicated Assistant General Manager and Branch Manager at IMFS Thane.

Meet Jagatpal, your steadfast guide to a world-class education abroad. A fervent advocate for the life-changing impact of education, he is dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free admission process to top-ranked universities. As a perfectionist, Jagatpal meticulously orchestrates every step of the counseling process, ensuring that every detail is impeccably attended to.

When you enter the welcoming space of IMFS Thane, you will encounter an enthusiastic team helmed by Jagatpal, ready to assist you in achieving your academic aspirations. With over a decade of expertise in the Study Abroad sector and an intrinsic passion for student success, Jagatpal and his team are committed to delivering a truly exceptional experience throughout your educational journey. As a qualified pilot, Jagatpal is uniquely qualified to help you embark on your journey to academic success abroad. Join him in navigating your path to a world-class education, with expert support at every juncture. Together, we will open the doors to a world of unparalleled opportunities.

A Legacy of Success

IMFS Thane is not just a branch; it’s a symbol of dedication, unyielding desire, and a commitment to turning dreams into reality. Over the years, we’ve grown in stature and strength. We’ve relocated to a modern, easily accessible place near the station, advancing not just in location but in our mission to provide unparalleled guidance to students aiming to conquer global heights.

World-Class Facilities

Our Thane branch boasts a state-of-the-art computer lab, a welcoming reception area, specialized cabins for one-on-one sessions, and a lively, spacious classroom. Designed to replicate the exact exam environment, our center offers a comprehensive test-taking experience, blending innovation with inspiration.

A Hub of Achievements

Strategically located, IMFS Thane has been the starting point for engineers, architects, pharmacists, psychologists, and many more. Their success stories, echoing from the halls of renowned universities like Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, and UPenn, are achievements and a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.

These shining stars have not only achieved their dreams but also added luster to our legacy. They epitomize hard work, determination, and a desire to excel. And they started their journey right here, at IMFS Thane.

Our Shining Stars and Their Success Stories

Ronak Jogeshwar

Harvard University

Kareena Doda

MS in Computer Science, Rutger’s University

Janak Thakkar

MS in Information Systems, University of Southern California

Soham Dhuri

Ms in Computer Science, George Mason University

Manasvi Shetty

MS in Health Analytics, Imperial College, London

Anjaneya Ketkar

MS in Information Systems, University of Maryland, College Park

Akash Kadam

Griffith – Dublin

Yesha Mandaliya

University of Pittsburg

Amit Nikam

Griffith – Dublin

Sajani Gosh

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

Sasha Pais

University of Southern California

Pradmyana Vishwanath

UX Design, University of Victoria, New Zealand.


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You Could Be Next!

Why just dream when you can achieve?

Join us at IMFS Thane, where futures are planned and created. Be part of a tradition that believes in you, your potential, and your dreams. You could be our next success story. You could be next to spread your wings and soar.

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