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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Vashi

In the bustling city of Navi Mumbai, where dreams take flight, IMFS has made an indelible mark. Building on the resounding success of helping thousands of students realize their academic aspirations, IMFS decided to spread its transformative influence to Vashi.

Our Location: Where Innovation Meets Convenience

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Vashi station in the illustrious Platinum Techno Park and beside the vibrant Raghuleela Mall, the IMFS Vashi branch – established in 2008 – beckons the ambitious and the curious.

Imagine yourself in a spacious classroom, immersed in learning, with stunning sky views inspiring your thoughts. Our prime location not only connects us to all of Navi Mumbai but ensures that every student enjoys an unrivalled learning experience through state-of-the-art technology.

Meet Our Team

Ritika More

With a passion for guiding individuals toward international opportunities, Ritika will assist you in navigating the intricate world of global careers. She is committed to helping you make informed decisions and achieve your aspirations. Together with Ritika, you can explore pathways, discuss options, and chart a course towards a successful and fulfilling international career. Her calm demeanour and extent of knowledge will help you at every stage of your journey.

Zoheb has a background in Hospitality in Tourism Management as well as professional experience of 13 plus years in Corporate Travel, Visas Operations, Immigration & Administration. He excels in interpersonal skills like communication and team building, and has the ability to guide students towards rewarding careers in fast-paced environments. A dependable and dedicated professional, Zoheb is energized by a collaborative workplace and motivational goal-setting. His proactive stance and complete empathy with the hopes and aspirations of students make him a great counsellor.

Zoheb Ali Sheikh

Our Vision: Dreams Do Come True!

Guided by Mr. Singh’s uncompromising commitment to integrity and goal-oriented education, our close-knit team at Vashi dedicates itself to helping you aim higher and achieve more. Whether it’s academic guidance or personal development, we strive to bring out the best in you. Our alums, radiant with success, stand testament to our passion and commitment.

Our Promise: A Relationship Beyond the Classroom

What sets IMFS apart? It’s more than an institute; it’s a family. Our mentors are not just teachers or counsellors; they are your companions, sharing your aspirations and supporting your journey to study abroad.

Why Choose IMFS Vashi?

Here, you’ll find more than just study-abroad services. You’ll discover a sanctuary of growth where international virtues are instilled and an unbreakable resolve to excel is fostered. Our unique approach aims not only to equip you with the knowledge you need but to cultivate the mindset that ensures success.

Join us at IMFS Vashi and be part of a vibrant community that inspires, nurtures, and triumphs—experience learning like never before and make your mark on the global stage.

Our Shining Stars and Their Success Stories

Dhruv Nambiar  

Purdue University, United States


Shreya Barapatre

Kettering University, Flint, Michigan.

Silas Stanley

University of Texas at Arlington

Varad Jayant Sawant

North Carolina State University

Esha Alva

Syracuse university

Vikram Sawaram Choudhary



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