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Your Guide to Studies in Australia: Institute of Management and Foreign Studies (IMFS)

Discover Australia, a land of opportunity, innovation, and excellence.

Are you thinking about studying abroad?

Discover Australia, a land of opportunity, innovation, and excellence. The perfect blend of quality education and a vibrant lifestyle awaits you. Here’s why Australia is your ideal study destination and how IMFS can be your guide to success.

Embark on an Australian odyssey, where the pursuit of knowledge meets boundless horizons. Let IMFS be the compass guiding you to excellence

Affordability without Compromising Quality

While international study can be a significant investment, Australia offers an attractive blend of affordability and world-class education. The country’s higher education institutions consistently rank among the world’s best, offering top-notch education without breaking the bank.

Modern and Practical Education

Australia’s education is designed for the future. Courses are shorter and more intensive, ensuring you get value for money and time. Dive into the latest innovations in Science and Technology, Marketing, Management, and more. The practical approach makes Australian education highly relevant to the global market.

Government-Regulated Quality Assurance

Every course in Australia comes with a CRICOS Code, a mark of quality given by the Australian Government. Rest assured, your education is in safe hands, as there is no formal ranking of universities reflecting a commitment to excellence across the board.

Acceptance of Indian Educational Qualifications

For Indian students, the transition is smooth. An Indian 12+3 qualification is acceptable for graduate degrees, making it easier for you to pursue your dreams in Australia.

Top Institutions in Australia

Australia is home to some of the finest institutions in the world:

Financial Considerations​

  • Tuition: Ranging from 20,000 AUD for Undergraduate degrees to 37,000 AUD for Doctoral studies.
  • Living Expenses: Budget around 20,000 AUD for a comfortable lifestyle.

Join a Thriving Indian Community Feel at home with a thriving Indian community mainly concentrated in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and more.

Exciting Job Opportunities Launch your career in hot sectors like Engineering, Banking and Finance, Management Sciences, and Medicine.

Weather Experience the best of both warm and cold climates.

Scholarships Though limited, opportunities are available to ease your financial journey.

Success Stories

Join the ranks of successful IMFS students in Australia, like Dhananjay Bajaj at Melbourne Business School and Ishaan Lotlikar at the University of Western Australia.

Why Choose IMFS ?

With IMFS, you’re not just choosing a study abroad consultant; you’re opting for a partner in your educational journey. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way, from selecting the right university to settling into your new home in Australia.

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Unlock Your Future with IMFS and Australia

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