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Driving License Advisory

Embarking on the journey to get your driving license in the USA can be a breeze if you follow this two-step guide we’ve prepared for you:

    Step 1: Securing an Instruction Permit

    Your first stop should be your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where you’ll need to ace a quiz in their testing booths. Be sure to schedule this test in advance if necessary.

    Essential documents include your Passport and I-20. A solid preparation strategy involves thoroughly studying the driver’s manual.

    Pro tip: Don’t underestimate this quiz! It’s easier to slip up than you might think. Don’t worry though, there are numerous free online quizzes for practice— a quick Google or Bing search should do the trick. The sooner you secure your permit, the better.

    If studying isn’t your cup of tea, consider acquiring a State ID from the DMV. This nifty piece of ID doubles as a handy identification proof within the USA. It’s acceptable for domestic airline travel and more convenient for activities requiring age proof than lugging your passport around.

      Step 2: Passing the Driving Test

      Prerequisite here is straightforward: know how to drive.

      If you’re a novice driver, consider signing up for a driving school. Yes, it’ll cost a few bucks, but it’s a worthwhile investment given the less-than-stellar public transportation in some places.

      Even seasoned drivers need to be prepared. Driving in the USA is unique—speed limits differ, traffic laws vary, and remember, we drive on the right side here.

      Pro tip: Don’t take the driving test lightly; it’s not a cakewalk. A little extra preparation can go a long way in ensuring your success.

      Once you’ve earned your American ID card, such as a driver’s license, you no longer need to carry your passport or SSN around when you travel. Just keep a photocopy on you instead.

      Embark on this journey with confidence and remember, the open road is waiting for you!

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