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Discover Germany with IMFS

A World of Innovation, Tradition, and Opportunity

Welcome to Germany

A country synonymous with excellence in education, engineering, and cultural richness. As the land of thinkers and inventors, Germany offers students an unmatched blend of traditional wisdom and modern innovation. With IMFS, you are not just exploring opportunities to study abroad; you are unlocking a gateway to success.

Why Study in Germany?

Top-Ranked Institutions

With over 380 officially recognized universities and more than 15,000 study programs, Germany provides a plethora of opportunities in diverse fields:
• Technical University of Munich (TUM)
• University of Munich
• University of Heidelberg
• Freie Universität Berlin
• Aachen University of Technology
• Dresden Technical University
• And many more

Affordability and Flexibility

In Germany, education is a priority. Most federal states have abolished or minimized tuition fees, with charges as low as 500 Euros per semester. Even private universities, while more expensive, offer a wide range of programs to suit every budget.

Thriving Job Market:

Prepare yourself for success with substantial opportunities in fields like Biomedical Engineering, Automotive, and Mechanical Engineering.

A Home Away from Home:

Experience the warmth of a large Indian community that’s ever-welcoming and supportive.
Tuition and Living Expenses:
  • Public Universities: Typically 500 Euros per semester
  • Private Universities: Up to 20,000 Euros per year
  • Language Essentials

    Knowledge of two levels of German is recommended, even if your course is conducted in English. It’s all about blending in and soaking up the culture.


    Explore numerous scholarships designed to support international students. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides a comprehensive list of available scholarships, tailored to meet diverse needs.


    From warm summers to chilly winters, Germany offers a rich seasonal tapestry.

    IMFS Success in Germany

    Our success stories include:
  • Arif Bastiwala: Automobile Engineering, FH Aachen
  • Mujaheed Shaikh: Frankfurt School of Business
  • Your Future in Germany with IMFS

    Germany awaits you with open arms, promising an enriching educational experience that equips you for a brighter future. With IMFS guiding your way, the path to academic and professional success has never been clearer. Come, be a part of the ever-evolving German landscape, where opportunities are not just discovered but created.

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