Switching University Names on DS-160 After
Scheduling a Visa Appointment: A Guide

1. SEVIS Paid, DS-160 Submitted, Visa Payment Not Yet Made

This process is straightforward and comprises three key stages:

  • Transferring SEVIS from one university to another. No extra fee for SEVIS is required.
  • Utilize the fmjfee platform to locate the I-901 payment status, then click on the transfer option if the fee is already valid. You’ll be asked to input the new university’s SEVIS ID and school code.
  • If approved, you’ll get an email confirmation. Should it be declined, a reason will be provided.
  • After acquiring the updated SEVIS number, create a new DS-160 for the new university, and follow the standard procedure: filling out the form, printing confirmation, scheduling an appointment, and bringing the DS-160 confirmation to the meeting.

2. DS-160 Submitted, Visa Payment Made, Interview Date Scheduled

Here, you’ll need to do everything as in the previous scenario, but with some additional actions:

  1. Create and submit a new DS-160 using the SEVIS number from the second university.
  2. Update your CGI Federal account to include the new DS-160 confirmation and SEVIS ID.
  3. You won’t have to pay the visa fee again if the interview hasn’t occurred. If problems arise in updating the information, bring both old and new confirmations to your OFC Interview and inform the authorities of the change.

3. Post-Visa Interview University Change

This can be complex if you decide to change universities after your F1 visa approval. Follow these instructions:

  1. Secure an I-20 form from the new school.
  2. Transfer the SEVIS fee using the method outlined in the first scenario.
  3. Complete and submit a fresh DS-160 for the new university.
  4. Repay the visa fees.
  5. Schedule and attend the OFC and visa interview again.

Additional Method for University Change After Obtaining U.S. Student Visa

  1. Accept admission to the initial university.
  2. Once in the U.S., request a transfer of the I-20 to the new university, providing the necessary evidence.
  3. The old university will send the necessary forms to the new one, which will then enroll you and send a new I-20.

Is There Ever a Situation Where Changing Universities Isn't Feasible?

You can generally change universities after scheduling a U.S. student VISA appointment, provided the change is for personal reasons.

How Easy Is It to Change Universities After Booking a Visa Appointment?

Changing universities and associated SEVIS ID on your student visa application can vary in complexity. If the appointment hasn’t been booked, it’s straightforward. The process can be more involved if the interview has already been conducted.


Carefully timing your visa interview after weighing all your university options can save time and effort. Ideally, wait until all university decisions have been received before scheduling your student visa interview. This considered approach will enhance your chance of a smooth transition if you decide to change institutions.


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