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Making Your Educational Journey Abroad Smooth and Stress-Free

With the Institute of Management and Foreign Studies (IMFS)

Gateway to a Smooth Study Abroad Experience

Embarking on the journey to study abroad is both an exciting and challenging venture. At IMFS, we're dedicated to providing you with a seamless and comfortable transition, addressing every aspect of your needs. When you step into an IMFS branch, you're not just a client; you become part of our family. That's why we've crafted a bouquet of services to ensure your journey is as smooth and successful as possible.

Financial Assistance

Studying abroad often brings financial concerns to the fore, but with IMFS by your side, we’ve got you covered:

  • Preferential Banking Treatments: Through MOUs with Public Sector banks, Private Sector Banks, and NBFCs, we ensure preferential treatments, making your financial concerns a thing of the past.

  • Forex Transfers: Expert assistance for seamless Forex transfers between your Indian account and your university account so that funds are the least of your worries.
  • Housing Solutions

    Finding the perfect home abroad can be daunting:

  • Realtor Partnerships: We have partnered with realtors to help you identify the ideal house, understand the legal process, and sign lease agreements without hassle.
  • Comforts of Home

    We bring the warmth of your home to your foreign university:

    • Home-Cooked Meals: We have entered into MOUS with service providers that will freeze-dry your home-cooked meals and courier them to you, letting you focus on studying, not cooking.
    • Health Precautions: Our panel of doctors ensures you’re vaccinated and protected against health challenges before leaving the country.

    Additional Services

    Your transition abroad is a holistic process, and we’ve added even more services to make your journey complete:

    • Telecommunication: Assistance in obtaining local sim cards, so you’re connected as soon as you land.
    • Travel Insurance and Ticketing: Tie-ups with Travel Agents who will provide you with tailored travel insurance plans and ticketing services to make your travel smooth and secure.
    • Orientation and Cultural Training: Guidance on local customs, language, and culture to ease your acclimatization to a new environment.
    • Emergency Support: 24/7 support in case of emergencies or unexpected challenges.
    • Career Counseling: Make use of the strong IMFS alum link and acquire guidance on internships, part-time jobs, and career planning to align your study experience with your future goals.

    At IMFS, we believe your educational journey abroad is more than academics. It’s about building a new life, embracing opportunities, and growing as an individual. From the moment you connect with us, we’re committed to hand-holding you every step of the way, ensuring you never feel alone in this new adventure.

    Join the IMFS family today, and let us help you realize your dreams!

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