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Gre score validity


You have already decided to Study Abroad; the first hurdle is staring at you. Clear the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and send the scores to the colleges of your choice. The following questions pop up: Why do I take the exam? When to take the exam? What is the GRE Score Validity ?

With limited seats and too many applications, standardized tests are a way to check the eligibility of applicants and compare them objectively with others from different backgrounds. The test consists of three parts – Analytical Writing, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. It is an adaptive test – meaning the difficulty level of the questions is adjusted as per an individual’s score in the previous sections. However, the scores are adjusted according to the difficulty levels. Considering all these points, it is vital to know the validity of GRE scores.

    GRE is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The scores can be accessed on their website, and students can send these scores to the desired institutes (the scores can be sent for free for up to four universities). However, it takes 10-15 days to get the complete scores. The GRE score validity is for five years from the exam date. So, if you have taken the exam on 1st May 2023, the test scores will be valid until 30th April 2028. After the GRE Score Validity expires, students can no longer access their scores on the ETS website, which cannot be used for admissions. However, one needs to keep in mind that some colleges prefer recent scores (minimum 2 to 3 years old) and may not accept an older score. Thus, it is imperative to match the GRE score validity with the admission date.

      Since ETS has no minimum age limit for taking the test, students usually start preparing early for the exam to give them time to study and/or improve their scores. Candidates can re-appear for the GRE test after 21 days and take it up to five times within 12 months. However, students have to take into account not only the minimum deadlines of the universities but also keep in mind any delays that can occur while applying to universities. For example, if a student is applying for a fall semester, they can time their test in such a way that the score is still applicable even if they apply after a couple of years.

        In this case, the question arises as to why GRE Score Validity is five years. ETS decided on this level after considering many things. The most crucial point is the constant upgrade and revision of the GRE test from time to time. It ensures that any changes in the overall education and testing field are correctly reflected in the test.

          The ETS also believes that a student learns new skills after five years, making the earlier test scores non-reflective of their new abilities. According to research, if one is not constantly in touch with a language, their linguistic skills decrease, making the old scores irrelevant. Thus, if a person is away from active student life for more than five years, the old score may not reflect their current skills. Therefore, setting a time limit for score expiry ensures that only those students whose skills are relevant to the current scenario are admitted to universities.

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